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Crankshaft Removal and Installation

Crankshaft Removal and Installation

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Published by jmc2

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Published by: jmc2 on Apr 27, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2005 Dodge VIPER
 Submodel:SRT10|Engine Type:V10|Liters:8.3 Fuel Delivery:FI|Fuel:GAS REMOVAL
1. Remove engine assembly from vehicle (Refer to 9 - ENGINE - REMOVAL).2. Mount engine on a suitable repair stand.3. Remove oil pan (Refer to 9 - ENGINE/LUBRICATION/OIL PAN - REMOVAL).4. Remove crankshaft rear oil seal retainer (Refer to 9 - ENGINE/ENGINE BLOCK/CRANKSHAFT REAR OIL SEAL RETAINER - REMOVAL).5. Remove crankshaft pulley and damper (Refer to 9 - ENGINE/ENGINE BLOCK/VIBRATION DAMPER - REMOVAL).6.Remove timing chain cover (Refer to 9 - ENGINE/VALVE TIMING/TIMING CHAIN COVER - REMOVAL).7. Remove timing chain (Refer to 9 - ENGINE/VALVE TIMING/TIMING CHAIN AND SPROCKETS - REMOVAL).8. Remove oil pump pick up tubeOil Pick Up Tube. Click to enlarge Oil Pick Up Tube1 - BOLT2 - OIL PUMP PICK UP TUBE3 - NUT4 - O RING9. Remove crankshaft oil scraper Crankshaft Oil Scraper .
 Click to enlarge Crankshaft Oil Scraper 1 - NUT(S)2 - CRANKSHAFT OIL SCRAPER
DO NOT use a number stamp or a punch to mark connecting rods. Damage to connecting rod could occur.1. Inspect connecting rods and connecting rod caps for cylinder identification. Identify them if necessary using a permanent ink or paint marker Connecting Rod to Cylinder Identification. Click to enlarge Connecting Rod to Cylinder Identification1 - CYLINDER NUMBER
Care must be taken not to damage the fractured rod and cap joint surfaces, as engine damage many occur.
Do not reuse connecting rod bolts.1. Remove connecting rod bolts and caps.2. Main bearing caps are not interchangeable and should be marked before removal to ensure correct reassembly.
3. Remove the side main bearing cap bolts and main bearing cap boltsEngine Block and Crankshaft. Click to enlarge Engine Block and Crankshaft1 - MAIN BEARING CAP BOLTS2 - LOWER MAIN BEARINGS3 - CRANKSHAFT4 - UPPER MAIN BEARINGS5 - SIDE MAIN BEARING CAP BOLTS4. Remove the main bearing caps.5. When removing the crankshaft, it should be lifted straight out of the engine block. This will prevent any damage to the engine and crankshaft.
For proper main bearing size selection, refer to
MAIN BEARING SELECT FIT CHART.Engine Block MarkCrankshaft MarkMain Bearing Colo
WhiteWhiteOrangeWhiteBlackWhiteBlackWhiteWhiteBlackBlackMagenta1. Install upper main bearing shells into engine blockMain Bearing Identification. Click to enlarge Main Bearing Identification2. Lubricate upper main bearing shells with clean engine oil.3. Install the crankshaft.4. Install lower main bearing shells into main bearing capsMain Bearing Identification.

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