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Juggling Instruction Set_Panflip

Juggling Instruction Set_Panflip

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Published by Rob Algazi

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Published by: Rob Algazi on Apr 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Juggle
Three Ball Cascade
Estimated Time of Completion: 30 minutes
Robert Algazi
About Juggling
Juggling is an ancient performance art. Although it is not known who invented juggling, it hasbeen performed around the world since ancient times. Jugglers were usually jesters or clownsperforming comedy routines until professionals formed juggling organizations such as theInternational Juggling Association (IJA) and the World Juggling Federation (WJF).There are many different juggling props in the world. The most common juggling props areballs, clubs (also known as pins) and rings. Other lesser known props include Diablos (alsoknown as Chinese Yoyo), cigar boxes, yoyos, staffs, hula-hoops. There is also an entire form of  juggling called contact juggling in which the performer manipulates their prop with their body.Juggling can now be considered a competition sport as well as a performance art. The WJFholds multiple competitions for most juggling disciplines every year. These competitions canrange from endurance runs to routine judging to tournaments in combat (a game in which theobjective is to knock the opponents equipment from them while juggling). There are alsomultiple competition levels from beginner to professional.Organizations such as the IJA hold annual juggling conventions around the world. Theseconventions invite jugglers of all skill levels and props. Professional jugglers usually holdworkshops in which they teach the attendees a certain skill important to more advanced juggling. Juggling conventions are also excellent locations for buying unique props as themanufacturers are normally in attendance.This document will introduce the fundamental juggling pattern, Three Ball Cascade. This trick isthe foundation of all future tricks, and therefore the ideal place to begin learning.
Materials Needed
Three balls (
 preferably bean bags or thuds
Open space clear of obstacles
Figure 1: Juggling Thuds
Before Juggling
Please read each section before attempting
Move on to the next set only when comfortable with the previous steps.
Be careful of your surroundings; computers are delicate and do not like being punched.
One Ball Pattern
Toss one ball back and forth with both hands. Thehighest point of each throw should be about eye level.
 Checkpoint: Be comfortable throwing with both hands.
Two Ball Patterns
Hold one ball in each hand.
Toss the ball in your right hand to your left. Keep the
ball’s height eye level.

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