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Published by Syed Hamdan

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Syed Hamdan on Apr 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chp01_Introduction toComputers by. Shafiq Ahmed Chachar 1
Introduction to Computers
Chapter 1
Chp01_Introduction toComputers by. Shafiq Ahmed Chachar 2
 A machine is said to be automatic , if it works by itself without human intervention. Computer are automaticmachines because once started on a job, they carry on, until the jobis finished, normally without a human assistance. A computer works from a program of coded instructions, which specify exactly how a particular job is to be done.
 A computer is a very fast device. It can perform in a few seconds, the amount of work that a human being can do in anentire year
if he worked day and night and did nothing else. While talking about the speed of computer, we do not talk in termsof seconds or even milli seconds (10
 ). Our unit of speed are themicroseconds (10
 ), the nanoseconds (10
 ), and even the
picoseconds (10
 ). A powerful computer is capable of performing several billion (10
 ) simple arithmetic operations per second.
Chp01_Introduction to Computers by. Shafiq Ahmed Chachar 3
Unlike human beings, a computer is free fromrepetitiveness, tiredness and lack of concentration. It cancontinuously work for hours, without creating any error and without complaining. Hence, computers score over humanbeings in doing routine type of jobs, which require greataccuracy. If ten million calculations have to be performed, acomputer will perform the ten millionth calculation withexactly the same accuracy and speed as the first one
In additional to being fast , computer are very accurate. The accuracy of a computer is consistently high andthe degree of accuracy of a particular computer depends uponits design.
Error can occur in a computer. However, these are mainly dueto human rather than technological weaknesses.. Computererrors caused due to incorrect input data or unreliableprograms are often referred to as
 garbage-in-garbage-out (GIGO).

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