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With This First Shot

With This First Shot

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Published by MrAlexSexton

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Published by: MrAlexSexton on Apr 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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With this first shot, I wantedto use a credit style that wasnon-intrusive to the frame.This meant that theaudience could observe theframe, without beingdistracted by the two otherparts of this shot. I used aclose up in order to show allof the detail present in thelittle figurines, but also in anattempt to start off, in theviewer
’s head, an idea of how one of my protagonists is being represented through mise en scene.
With this shot, it wassimilar to the first, in that Iwas trying to createrepresentations of character before the filmhad even started; theclose up was used to showsome of the texture onthe figurine, and create asense of intimacy to theviewer, as if they werereally in someone
s home,and looking at all these little figurines and oddities. With the amount of darker space in the topcorner, this also made a good place to put the credits!This shot served as a close-up,but also as an establishing shotof sorts to introduce the viewerto the entire scene. With thehand in the foreground, itserved as a focal point, and therest of the scene almost worksaround this. The credits wereplaced to the left of this so thatthey would be un-intrusive tothe rest of the frame. I left therest of the shot out of focus toput more emphasis on the hand.
This scene used a close-up toestablish another character inthe film. With the creditsrolling through the pavement,they were non-intrusive to therest of the scene. One thing Iliked about this shot was thedepth of colour between thedarker hoodie, and then therest of the well lit scene. Thisshot was used to establish asense of location, beforemoving into the action that would follow. Also, by switching between characters, I wanted to createa relationship between the two in the viewer
s head.This shot concentrated on theantiques at the side of thescene. This burst of colourprovided a little bit of difference; most of the sceneis based around the samecolour palette, but the redsand greens on the windowsillprovide a little bit of difference to the scene. Thecredits at the side are semi-transparent so that they don
tintrude on the scene.With this shot, if I could re-do anything, it would be towalk steadier during filming. Itried to add stability in post-production, however, it didn
tlook right. So, I opted withthe edgier, shakier look. Thisalso helped to create anatmosphere during the shot. Ialso tried to keep the mainactor in the bottom left of theframe throughout the shot, tokeep a sense of symmetry.

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