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Bhatt President Letter

Bhatt President Letter

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Published by IBNLiveNews

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Published by: IBNLiveNews on Apr 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Zahoor Ahmed Moharkan added this note
For restoring the confidence of the families of the victims and over all the Weak but largest minority community of India, it is incumbent upon the bring Mr. Modi to justice for openly abetting in the genocide.
Zahoor Ahmed Moharkan added this note
There has always been a conflict between the Truth and falsehood, and falsehood has always been defeated and destroyed. If you do not oppose and fight the Oppressors, Tyrants, Killers and Murderers, You will be one amongst those responsible for all their evil deeds and criminal acts.
Amaan Khan added this note
Thousands were killed,burnt alive,raped and their properties destroyed with complicity of state machinery.But yet ten years on there is no healing balm on the wounds of the victims.Modi has shown no remorse.Every trick is being applied to subvert judicial process to deny justice to victims.Despite ample evidence perpetrators of the crime are roaming free intimidating witnesses.Please sign petition
Syed Mohammad Raghib added this note
His (Sanjiv Bhatt) rightly pointed out the lacuna of our so biased Gujarat Government under Mr. Modi, if such thing will continue so the common people hardly believe on justice... Now its onus on you to look all these discrimination against minority in all level and allow the above said petition to install the justice system for Gujarat Riot victims...
Nazia Mallick added this note
I have just signed the petition. And from the bottom of my heart I pray for the success of this noble mission! More power and courage to you Sanjiv!
Mohd Saleem Ahmed added this note
This letter will decide the future of India whether rule of law will prevail or rule of anarchy. The demand of Sanjiv Bhat is fair and just to include para 7 in terms of reference in Nanavati commission. It is the duty of each citizen to owe allegiance to the constitution. Narendar Modi and his council of Minister are not above constitution.

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