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OOAD & UML Interview Questions

OOAD & UML Interview Questions

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Published by venkateshrao

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Published by: venkateshrao on Apr 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Can method be overloaded based on different return type but same argument type?
Describe some techniques for expressing business rules/constraints eitherin UMLor via othermeans.3.Describe the use of UML stereotypes in one of your recent projects (you used stereotypes toexpress what?). Feel free to include small example.4.Describe useful application of an “extends” use case (in what situations would you use an “extends” use case instead of any of the other kind of use case relationships?)5.Differentiate Aggregation and containment?6.Differentiate between template class and class template.7.Differentiate between the message and method.8.Differentiate persistent & non-persistent objects?9.Differentiate the class representation of Booch, Rumbaugh and UML?10.Do you feel UML (or other types of) models have any value once the implementation code hasbeen generated? Why?11.Explain the difference between composition and aggregation.12.Explain the difference between design model and an implementation model.13.Explain the different relationship notations in UML that you have used (e.g., generalization,association, and so on.)
If familiar with it, describe how you used any one of the “gang of four” design patternsin recentmodel you produced.
If familiar with it, describe the “design by contract” approach.16.If familiar with it, describe the concept of UML profile.17.In RUP business modeling, what is the difference between Business Actor and Business Worker?18.In the past, have you ever traced design and/or implementation artifacts back to the userrequirements? If yes, how?19.Is object persistence expressed in the analysis model, the design model or both? Explain.20.Is there anything in RUP that you would change in order to improve the efficiency of thedevelopment process. Fit in an analysis or design model?21.List out some of the object-oriented methodologies
Object Oriented: Essentials and History23.What do u meant by “SBI” of an object?24.What is dangling pointer?25.What is down casting?26.What is meant by “method-wars”?27.What is modifier?28.What is the difference between business use case and system use case?
What is the difference between cohesion and coupling? Why are “strong cohesion” and “loosecoupling” patterns generally recommended in OOAD?

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