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Impact of Child Detention in Occupied Palestine - Save the Children Report - March 2012 En

Impact of Child Detention in Occupied Palestine - Save the Children Report - March 2012 En

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Published by aynoneemouse
Disgraceful treatment of Palestinian children by Israel.
Disgraceful treatment of Palestinian children by Israel.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: aynoneemouse on Apr 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Save the Children Sweden
oPt Ofce for the Middle East and North AfricaBeit Hanina P.O. Box: 25042 Shu’fat97300 Jerusalem
 East Jerusalem YMCA Rehabilitation Program
29 Nablus RoadP.O Box 19023 East Jerusalem
http://ej-ymca.org© Save the Children Sweden & EJ-YMCA Rehabilitation Program 2012
Save the Children
ghts for children’s rights. Wedeliver immediate and lasting improvements to children’slives worldwide.Our vision is a world in which all children’s rights arefullled. Save the Children works for:a world which respects and values each child, a worldwhich listens to children and learns, a world where allchildren have hope and opportunity.The
East JerusalemYMCA Rehabilitation Program
(EJ-YMCA RP) shall strive to enhance the living conditionsof those traumatized, tortured and injured, and thosewith physical disabilities, to facilitate their integration/re-integration into society and empower them to play theirnatural role in the community development process.
Designed By: Muneer HidmiPrinted By: Modern Arab Press
Save the Children Sweden works to protectand promote children’s rights throughoutthe world. The UN Convention of theRights of the Child has always been theguide throughout our work, giving childrenthe right to express their concerns in allfreedom. Making children’s voices heard isone of the most important objectives forSave the Children’s work.Ever since the start of the rst Intifada in1987 the situation for Palestinian childrenliving in the occupied Palestinian territory(oPt) has been deteriorating. Children’sright to protection, education, health andtheir right to survival and development areconstantly being threatened and violated.In 1990 Save the Children Sweden in oPtpublished a rst report about “The statusof Palestinian Children during the uprisingin the occupied territories”, describing thedevastating impact collective punishmentand collective measures taken by the IsraeliAuthorities during the First Intifada onchildren and their families.During the Second Intifada in 2003, Save theChildren Sweden published the interview-based report, “One Day in Prison FeelsLike a Year”; where Palestinian Children telltheir own stories about detention. Childrenfrom the West Bank spoke about the rightsviolations they were subjected to in Israeliprisons and how they saw their future. Twoother reports portraying the challengesfaced by Palestinian children were “GrowingUp Under Curfew” and “Living BehindBarriers – Palestinian Children Speak Out”.In these reports, children describe theimpact the ongoing conict had on theireveryday lives.In the present report, “The Impact of ChildDetention” Save the Children Sweden isagain shedding a light on the situation of Palestinian children in detention. We seek togive Palestinian Children the opportunity todescribe in their own words the reality theylive in after being held in detention. We alsowant to ensure that children’s rights are beingupheld, therefore in the concluding sectionof the report Save the Children addressesa number of messages to the internationalcommunity, the government of Israel andthe Palestinian National Authority. We willalways strive to prevent children from beingdetained or ill-treated.Much of the content of the reportsummarizes the ndings and results of several studies that were conducted toassess the impact of detention on children,families and communities over the lastfour years. Research materials includedreports such as “The Social Rehabilitationof Palestinian Child Ex-Detainees: A LongRun to Freedom”, and many other studiesand fact sheets.Most of the information was gathered throughthe implementation of the “Post-traumaRehabilitation of Palestinian Ex-DetaineeChildren in the West Bank Programme”,which aims at facilitating the re-integrationprocess of ex-detainee children into theircommunities by enhancing the psychosocialwell-being and coping capacity of ex-detaineechildren. The programme is implementedby the EJ-YMCA in partnership with Savethe Children Sweden, and funded by theEuropean Commission Humanitarian Aidand Civil Protection department (ECHO).Save the Children has much to offer tochildren living in conict areas, and is inconstant search of new ways to record anddocument its experiences and make themavailable to advocate and ght for children’srights.On behalf of Save the Children, I am happy

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