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E-Art News May-June 2012

E-Art News May-June 2012

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Published by SLOMuseumofArt

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Published by: SLOMuseumofArt on Apr 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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San Luis Obispo Museum of Art • 1010 Broad Street • San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 • 805-543-8562 • www.sloma.org
Sha Sha Higby: Noh Works
through May 30
Transformation lies at the core of Sha Sha Higby’s work.
internationally acclaimed sculptor and performance artist,Ms. Higby constructs a moving tableaux of fantasticalcreatures on a whimsical journey of life, death and rebirthon exhibit in the Gray Wing until May 30, 2012.She painstakingly fabricates her costumes and sculpturesof cloth, feathers, branches, paper, glue, resin and string.Ms. Higby brings the costumes and masks to life incarefully choreographed performances.Sha Sha Higby will give a performance on May 30, 6 pm.See back for more details.
Robert Burridge: Impure Thoughts
June 1 – July 22
The concept for this large installation of drawings in chalk, ash, pastels andpowders stems from Catholic grade school when Robert Burridge was taughtthat impure thoughts were a bad thing and would assure his place in hell. Thissimplistic view of the world was none-the-less confusing to the young Robert.How can a thought be a sin? How can you control your thoughts?This parochial view of eternal damnation stayed with Mr. Burridge until art collegewhere his exposure to the frisky frescoes of Pompeii, erotic Hindu temple art,Ingres and Delacroix paintings of Turkish baths and Assyrian courtsexploded into his burning thoughts.Those early salacious images anderotically charged drawings arecentral to his inspiration for thedrawings found in
Impure Thoughts
.“The tactile experience of having thematerials crumble and fall apart as Irubbed them into the creamy paper,not only validated my expression, butassured me that the impure thoughtsI was having were a good and healthything.”Robert Burridge is an award-winning industrial designer, who, after twenty-veyears in the corporate design world decided to focus on his painting career. Heis a celebrated, contemporary painter, a contributing author to artists’ magazinesand publisher of his own books and instructional DVDs. Mr. Burridge attributeshis success to his early education at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia andhis stint as an adjunct professor at Cooper Union School for the Advancementof Science and Art, New York City, where he taught typography and lmproduction.
May / June 2012
Page 2 • May | June 2012 • Art News • San Luis Obispo Museum of Art
Heidi Franscioni: Father’s DreamMay 4 – 28
In this multimedia installation, Heidi Franscioni exploresthat place where life meets death, bliss meets loss, and joymeets sadness. Through the use of photographic imagesof nudes, mummied animals, molten beeswax, and video,Ms. Franscioni takes us to an unexplored sacred space thatsome celebrate and others fear.Ms. Franscioni received her Bachelor of Arts from MiamiUniversity in Oxford, Ohio and she continued her studiesat California College of the Arts in Oakland. She previouslyowned and operated her own gallery in the Bay Area, butsince 2001 has been focusing solely on her ne art.This exhibition is sponsored by Ann and Jim Ream.
Bruce Barton: Visual SonnetsCelebrating the
Really Real 
June 1 – July 2
Bruce Barton holds agreat disdain for the titlesthat accompany worksof art. But how does onename an image of miceon a wedding cake andchickens in galleries; of peeping tom goats andbottled sh?This series of vignettes are collective sonnets of hiscommentary on community and how it shapes our lives andbecomes a part of us. The disparate images drawn on hiscomputer catch us off guard and make us giggle.Mr. Barton, a graduateof the San Francisco Art Institute, has severaladvanced degrees andhas studied independentlyin France and Italy. Hehad successful careers inCorporate Communication,Fine Arts and has writtenbooks and PBS specials.
Showing Off May 4 – 27
The Central Coast Sculptors Group invited all its membersto submit three images of their most recent artwork for thisexhibit. The accepted entries were carefully selected by acuratorial committee to reect the range of talents expressedwithin the artist group.The following artists have been selected for exhibition: AutumnJennings, Dr. C. Hite, Jack Biesek, Robert Kerwin, Larry LeBrane, Ron Roundy, Nico Van Den Heuvel, Robert Oblon,Kathleen Migliore, Richard Starks, Mary Dee Thompson,Jim Trask, Michael Hannon, and Laura Mennella.
Honoring Cuesta Printmaking StudentsJune 1 – July 1
The Central Coast Printmakers organized this exhibit
showcase the high quality of traditional printmaking createdin the Cuesta College art classes.“Every year, a new crop of printmakers surprise us withtheir talent and vision. It is an honor to teach them this time-honored style of printmaking technique that has been aroundfor centuries,” says instructor Leslie Sutcliffe. The works arefor sale and many of the prints are single proofs. Jurors of the work are Rachael Winn Yon, Leslie Sutcliffe, and MaryRenzi.
M. Lawler,
Dustmites Crossing a Bridge
   N   i  c  o   V  a  n   D  e  n   H  e  u  v  e   l   M   i  c   h  a  e   l   H  a  n  n  o  n
   D  e   t  a   i   l  o   f   S   t  a  g  e   I   V
Sonnet 11925: San Juan Capistrano, CA
Sonnet 11907: Bakerseld, CA
   S   t  a  g  e   I   I   I ,   d  e   t  a   i   l  o   f   C   h   i  c   k  e  n
Receptions to meet the artists will be Friday, May 4, 6 – 9 pm and Friday, June 1, 6 – 9 pm
Baltodano & Baltodano – Mary Ratner 
1411 Marsh Street, #102, SLO
Central Coast Lending
Cat Evans
1319 Marsh Street, SLO
City of San Luis Obispo
Dr. C Hite
990 Palm Street, SLO
Comfort Inn & Suites
The Printmakers
1604 Monterey Street, SLO
Community Foundation
Dotty Hawthorne
550 Dana Street, SLO
Creekside Brewing
Peggy Jansson
1040 Broad Street, SLO
EDA Design Professionals
Janine Kirkpatrick
1998 Santa Barbara Street, SLO
Embassy Suites hallways & meeting rooms
John Barnard, Deborah Veldkamp, Dotty Hawthorne andMarcie Hawthorne
333 Madonna Road, SLO
Embassy Suites Sundry Shop
Angela Andreiux
333 Madonna Road, SLO
F. Bruce Bailey, DDS
Ken Thompson
1338 Santa Rosa Street, SLO
Jansen, Johnston, Lofgren & McGreen – DianaBittelston
1250 Osos Street, SLO
Janet Janszen
4100 Vachell Lane, SLO
Kinship Center 
Larry Knapp
71 North Main Street, Templeton
Lewis Gamarra, MD
Barbara Renshaw
2115 10th Street, Suite A2, Los Osos
Maguire and Ashbaugh
Carolyn Henderson
991 Osos Street, Suite A, SLO
Pacifc Energy Company
Twila Stofer 
2121 Santa Barbara Street, SLO
Pacifc Street Financial
Cathleen Bishop
1042 Pacic Street, Suite C, SLO
Powersource Chiropratic
Ashley H. Armstrong
1422 Monterey Street, Suite A201, SLO
RRM Design Group
Marie Ramey
3765 South Higuera Street, Suite 1, SLO
Senior Citizen’s Center 
Linda Nelson
1445 Santa Rosa Street, SLO
SLO Grind – Dave Coronel
1506 Froom Ranch Road, SLO
SRI International
Emily West
4111 Broad Street, Suite 220, SLO
Tidelands Counseling
Kristin Joy
1411 Marsh Street, #105, SLO
San Luis Obispo Museum of Art • Art News • May | June 2012 • Page 3
May 21, 7 pmDear Zachary: A Letter to His Son About His Father 
Director: Kurt Kuenne, 2008, 95 minutes
 Andrew Bagby, a medical resident,is murdered not long after breakingup with his girlfriend. When sheannounces she’s pregnant, oneof Andrew’s close friends, KurtKuenne, begins this lm as a giftto the child. This lm is a love letter to this extended family that grewout of tragedy. The lmmaker’sodyssey documenting this storymakes for the best kind of cinema –full of honesty and power.
June 18, 7 pmHelvetica
Director: Gary Hustwit, 2007, 80 minutes
 An independent lm abouttypography, graphic designand global visual culture. Itlooks at the proliferation of onetypeface as part of a larger conversation about the waytype affects our lives. It is auid discussion with renowneddesigners about their work,the creative process, and thechoices and aesthetics behindtheir use of type.
 Art About Town partners local business members with member artists to display original artwork. AAT exhibits take place ina diverse cross section of San Luis Obispo County locations.
You need at least a dozen artworks ready to install. Professional gallery presentation standards are required,using clean, simple and consistent frame styles with white or cream colored mats. All artwork must be for sale.
The AAT Coordinator will come to you and share our catalogue of participating artists. The Coordinator handles all scheduling and installations. Your active business membership entitles you to participate in the AAT program.CURRENT AAT MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: The annual rotation schedule will change in 2013 to February 1, June 1 andOctober 1, in an effort to avoid the holidays. The September 2012 install will remain on view until February 2013.
Art About Town Coordinator: Emily West, ewest@sloma.org
 All movies are shown in the Museum of Art, on the third Monday of the month.Suggested donation: $5 members, $7 nonmembers with a complimentary glass of wine.
   R  a  c   h  a  e   l   W   i  n  n   Y  o  n
 Angela AndrieuxLarry KnappKristin Joy

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