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Published by kentselve

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Published by: kentselve on Apr 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Te Quest: Eeg,Seut a te Futue E Gt
Perspecves rm CERAW
Reprned rm
The Wall Street Journal 
“the Ques: Energy, Secury and heFuure  Ecnmc Grwh: CERA
® 2012” speca secns, March 6–8,2012, hese arces eaure iHS CERA and iHS Gba insgh expers n
iran’s Ambns and Wrd o
the Grea Revva: the Wesern Hemsphere’s o Renassance
Energy, Jbs and Ecnmc Grwh
the New Frner: New o rm od Feds
Nucear Pwer: takng a lng Vew
Geng  Scae: Renewabe Energy n an Era  Ausery
the Rse  Uncnvenna Naura Gas n Chna: Wd Card r WrdMarkes?
Braz: the Rsng o Pwer
Jbs and incme: the impac  Shae Gas n he US Ecnmy
We welcome your feedback regarding this IHS CERA report or any aspect of IHS CERA’s research,services, studies, and events. Please contact us atinfo@ihscera.comor +1 800 468 3381 (fromNorth American locations) or atcustomer.support@ihs.comor +44 (0) 1344 328 300 (from outsideNorth America).
For clients with access to
the ollowing eatures related to this report may be available online:downloadable data (excel fle ormat); downloadable, ull-color graphics; author biographies;and the Adobe PDF version o the complete report.
the accmpanyng maeras were prepared by iHS CERA inc., and are n  be redsrbued r reused n any manner whu prrwren cnsen, wh he excepn  cen nerna dsrbun as descrbed bew. iHS CERA srves  be supprve  cen nerna dsrbun iHS CERA cnen bu requres ha (a) iHS CERA cnen and nrman, ncudng bu n med  graphs, chars, abes, gures, and daa,are n  be dssemnaed usde  a cen rganzan  any hrd pary, ncudng a cen’s cusmers, nanca nsuns, cnsuans, rhe pubc; and (b) cnen dsrbued whn he cen rganzan mus dspay iHS CERA’s ega nces and arbuns  auhrshp. Smenrman supped by iHS CERA may be baned rm surces ha iHS CERA beeves  be reabe bu are n n way warraned by iHS CERAas  accuracy r cmpeeness. Absen a specc agreemen  he cnrary, iHS CERA has n bgan  updae any cnen r nrmanprvded  a cen. © 2012, A rghs reserved, iHS CERA inc., 55 Cambrdge Parkway, Cambrdge, Massachuses 02142, USA. N prn hs repr may be reprduced, reused, r herwse dsrbued n any rm whu prr wren cnsen.
Experence CERAW
2012 n he Web. Fr mre nrman g www.ceraweekndemand.cm r cnac he iHS CERA Cen ServcesCener an@hscera.cm.
© 2012, A rghs reserved, iHS CERA inc.55 Cambrdge Parkway, Cambrdge, Massachuses 02142.N prn  hs repr may be reprduced, reused, r herwse dsrbued n any rm whu prr wren cnsen.
ThE QUEST: EnErGy, SEcUriTy And ThE FUTUrE oFEconomic GrowTh—PErSPEcTivES From cErAwEEk 2012
kEy imPlicATionS
the arces n hs iHS CERA Speca Repr, pubshed n
The Wall Street Journal 
durng CERAWeek2012, examne hw he wrd energy sysem s evvng amds ecnmc and pca unceranesand rapd echngca change. Sme  he key nsghs are
ia’s uea pga s ausg squet t   te Ute States a Eupe butas ag te utes  te Pesa Gu.
Rsng ensns rggered by iran’s nucearambns are havng a majr eec n he gba  marke.
Te weste hespee s eegg as te supsg e us   .
Grwngprducn rm Canada’s  sands, gh  n he Uned Saes, and he Brazan shrew ncrease he nrhward and suhward mvemen   whn he hemsphere and causemre  rm he Persan Gu  fw  Eas Asa.
wt te  e st eeg  te faa ss, geets  autes ae g t te eeg set as a sue  gt a jbs.
iate teges ae ag e  t be etate  estg fes.
thrugh he appcan  hese echnques, exsng eds have becme a cruca resurcer meeng he wrd’s grwng  demand.
nuea pats uet pe ea 20%  te eett use  te Ute States.
i cnsrucn  a new generan  nucear pans des n sar sn, hs surce w-carbn pwer generan may be s.
 Atug pgess as se b te faa ss, te eeabe set aeeeaabe gas e te past eae.
Bu even wh rapd cnnued grwh, renewabesare key  generae ny 15%  he wrd’s eecrcy n 2030.
i eet eas, ca as geat ease ts pts  atua gas. As a esut, gaspues au te   t ca as a psg aet.
Bu a wd card—Chna’swn suppes  uncnvenna gas—cud change he uure suppy pcure.
 Ate seg ast e se  epsts, Ba ess beg a ajgba  pue a a eae  se teg.
Achevng bh  hese bjecvessmuaneusy may prve chaengng.
Te sae gas ust as aea eate ea 600,000 jbs  te Ute States,a ts fgue s pjete t g t ea 900,000 b 2015.
in addn, wer energyprces enabed by he shae gas bm have added $1,000 n exra spendng pwer  hebudge  he average Amercan husehd.—May 2012

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