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Social-Emotional Dictionary with Exercises

Social-Emotional Dictionary with Exercises

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Your dictionary of feelings and emotions (with suggested activities) to help students develop social-emotional literacy.
Your dictionary of feelings and emotions (with suggested activities) to help students develop social-emotional literacy.

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Published by: The Psycho-Educational Teacher on Apr 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Social-Emotional Dictionary withExercises
The Psycho-Educational Teacher
Adore loving deeplyAffection a tender feelingAfraid fearful or frightened Syns: apprehensive, petrified, and scaredAggression a hostile actionAggressive hostile or combativeAgitated to be upset emotionallyAgonize to suffer great distressAlarmed a sudden feeling of fear Syns: alert and frightenedAmazed affect with great surprise or wonder Syns: astonishAmbivalent the existence of mutually conflicting emotions or thoughtsAnger great displeasure or hostility Syns: wrathAngry showing anger Syns: choleric, enraged, furious, indignant, irate,mad, sore, and wrathfulAnguish a pain of the mind, tormentAnnoy to bother or irritate Syns: aggravate, bother, bug, irk, provoke,peeve, and ruffleAntagonize mutual enmity or hostilityAnxiety a state of uneasiness or worry Syns: care, concern, and disquietAnxious uneasy or worriedAppreciate to value highly, to feel gratitude Syns: cherish, esteem, prize,respect, and treasureApprehensive feeling fearful or uneasy; anxious
Arguing to offer reasons for or against; to debate; to engage in a quarrel; todispute Syns: bicker, contend, fright, squabble, and wrangleAshamed feeling shameAstonishment a sudden wonder; to surprise greatlyAversion a strong dislikeAwe reverence and dread mingled with wonderAwesome remarkable or outstandingAwful very unpleasant; dreadfulBad disobedient or naughtyBetray(ed) to be unfaithful or disloyalBitter harsh; showing strong animosityBittersweet feeling both pain and pleasureBlame to hold at fault Syns: censure, condemn, criticize, and denounceBlues a state of depressionBlush to become red in the face from modesty, embarrassment, or shameSyns: flushBoast(ful) to speak with excessive prideBody language postures, gestures, and expressions by which a personcommunicates nonverballyBoisterous loud, noisy, unrestrained, or undisciplinedBored to tire with dullness or repetition Syns: wearyBrag to assert boastfullyBravado a pretense of courage; defiant; swaggering behaviorBrave displaying courage, valiant Syns: audacious, bold, courageous,fearless, gutsy, heroic, intrepid, and unafraidBrawl a noisy fight or argumentBreakdown a collapse in mental or physical healthBug to bother or annoyBurden something difficult to bear, physically or emotionally
Burnout exhaustion from long-term stressCalm not excited or agitated; undisturbed Syns: peaceful, placid, serene,and tranquilCaptivate to fascinateCare mental distress or worry; a source of solicitude or attentionCared to be interested or concernedCatastrophe a sudden and terrible disaster; a calamityCause one that produces an effect, result, or consequence; motive; reasonCensure an expression of strong disapproval or criticismCheerful in good spirits Syns: bright, cheery, happy, lighthearted, and sunnyChill a dampening of enthusiasm or joyCholeric easily angered; bad temperedConcerned uneasy; troubled; worriedCondemn to express a strong disapproval; to denounceContempt bitter scorn or disdainContrition sincere remorse for something done wronglyCordial warm, heartfeltCry to shed tears Syns: sob, wail, and weepCurious eager to knowDepressed low in spirits; emotional disorder characterized by inability toconcentrate, insomnia, and feelings of guilt and dejectionDesperate rash or violent out of despair; almost hopeless; graveDetached not emotionally involved; indifferentDetermined firm, resolute; decided or resolvedDetest disliking stronglyDevastated overwhelmed, destroyed, or ruinedDisappoint to fail to satisfy the expectations, desires, or hopes

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