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One Soul Newsletter Edition 1 2006

One Soul Newsletter Edition 1 2006

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Published by makeawish

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Published by: makeawish on Dec 18, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lost sheep of san Antonio
Dear Brothers and Sisters.,I come in Peace and love. Ipray that you and yourhouse are in the best of health and spirits. This isyour Brother Lil Papa andI’ve created a newsletter for the family andfriends.
The newsletter was founded in order to givethe family a positive platform and outlet toexpress our love, thoughts and open a line of communication the family so badly needs. Weare the foundation. And we will strengthen andbuild on these 3 pillars as a starting point.
1. Family line of communication: Togive the bros, and sists a positiveplatform and outlet to express theirlove thoughts and concerns etc.2. Strengthen Family Relations: To giveour bros and sists the love and supportthey need.3. Positive Family Direction: Give theright guidance to lift us out of thebelly of the beast. Live a moremeaningful Life and be a betterexample to the family and the world asa wholeWe need to know whats going on in the livesof each other and find what page we are allon. WE ARE IN A STATE OFEMERGENCY!!!!! And it will take the helpof God foremost, friends, family and ourselvesto dig our way out of this destructive state!!!We know we have the strength, now we mustlearn to properly use this strength and fewresources that was have. The biggest key isfor us to learn how to put ourselves in the bestposition, we can and build from there. And notcontinue to make destructive decisions,because we are in a bad position. Also key islearning how to use the little support we get asa blessing and in a more meaningful way.Weall sit around and wish we had the love andsupport of our dreams, but still we must keepthe hope alive and do our part in getting ourminds and body right and start doing what wecan do to make things better for ourselves andfamily.
What’s up bros and sists, of Texas? First off let me say that Bro Papa and myself send ourlove and respect for all of you. We know thatthings can happen fast in this world and wecan lose contact with the ones we love. Theselast few years have been great in regards topersonal change and the way we look at life.We urge all of you to seek better ways tobetter self, family and friends. That way wecan all step up to the plate big time, growtogether and help each other. As Bro Papa saidabout the homie Dayton, He has stepped up tothe plate big time and reminded us of true loveand that he hasn’t forgotten about the ones onlock. Please Bros and sists. We need to hearfrom you all. So that way we can put our headstogether to help each other. Aint nothingchanged from the world, but this time we don’thave guns and drugs. We are using our mindsand good judgement to come up. So the sameway that y’all showed love 14, 15 years ago:show again, for we still love y’all. If there arebusiness matters that you would like to talk about or if there is something on your mind,please feel free to ask. Before I go id like tosay this to you, “What lies behind us and whatlies before us are tiny matters,.compared towhat lies within us.Id really like to hear from some of you, even if its just to say Hi. Also remember actionsspeaks louder than words. Special thanks toOmar Smith, Dayton Stevenson, Vashone“Bear” ladson, Donte Dawson, Big Mama,Clara Smith, and you.
Lost sheep of san Antonio
How many friends do you have? Who arethey? If you are typical your friends rangefrom casual acquaintances to those who woulddie for you, Sometimes friends are closer thanbros and sists. Friends share affection,companionship, support, sympathy, trust andunderstanding, Along with confidence,consideration, devotion, esteem, faithfulness,fellowship, harmony, helpfulness, loyalty, andpartnership. Friends are special. Above allGod is our very best friend. His friendship is arole model for all other friendships.Friendship with God is reserved for those whofear him. What is the mark of true friendship?A friend is always loyal, and a brother is bornto help in time of need. Some friendships arefleeting and some are lasting. True friendshipsare glued together with bonds of loyalty andcommitment. They remain in tact despitechanging external circumstances. What gets inthe way of friendship? Jealousy is the greatdividing force of friendships, envy over what afriend has will soon turn to anger andbitterness, causing you to separate yourself from the one you cared for. When respect orreverence is seriously damaged, even theclosest friendship is at risk. Forgivenessrestores broken relationships. We all gothrough times when it seems our friends havedeserted us. So as brothers we must begin tohold each other accountable. Accountabilitysets up a structure whereby we have to answerthe family to ensure proper behavior. Readgods word regularly and let it hold youaccountable. It is the source book for rightliving. Real accountability keeps us honest,moral, and on the right path. Its not alwayscomfortable but its necessary. Leftunaccountable, we will always lean towardwrong, and the consequences of those wrongswill hurt not only us but many others,including god. Fools think they need noadvice, but the wise listen to others. If youhave words of encouragement and I mean anywords of encouragement for us, come and giveit!!!!!!
We should be thinking along the same lines of owning our own businesses and creatingopportunities for family, friends and ourselves.So now is a very good time to start thinking of the types of businesses we would like to haveand get all the information we can. To learn asmuch as we can about starting businesses,from start up to finish. The question wasasked in Entrepreneur Magazine if street orBook smarts ruled in Business? One personFelt like this “ when you have a degree, youpay someone tuition to tell you what you canand cannot achieve. No one has ever told mewhat my capabilities or limitations are” Henow has 4 restaurant and projects 2005 salesof $7 million “The street will teach honesty,integrity, humility and how to BS, he says“Lack of knowledge I sometimes my bestweapon”. So that in itself lets us know wehave one part of the game already. All that’sleft is for us to gain the know how as for howthe laws and rules go in business. I also wantto put this on your mind, think of the buyingpower we would have if we pooled our moneyand resources together, so an Investment clubwill be in our future. If you have someonewith internet access, start having them download you information on this matter. We mustbegin to invest in ourselves by what we buyand do. The public library allows people to usetheir computers accessed with internet free. If you know someone that will be willing to helpme get some information off the net, pleasehave them write the newsletter office, and Iwill get back with them. Also I will be sendinginformation as I get it and fund allow me to.

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