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Emma's Interview

Emma's Interview

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Published by Immortalheart13

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Published by: Immortalheart13 on Apr 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FADE IN:INT. STUDIOA bored man sits in a comfy chair, his face looks like as if deathsucked away his happiness, he has light brown hair, green eyes, and afit body.WOMAN [V.O.]
Hank, we’re starting in five.
 HANK the guy, the TV HOST. Sits up, a LARGE FAKE smile across hisface. 4. 3. 2. 1!HANKHEY EVERYBODY! WELCOME TO
 Cheers from the un-seen crowd.
 Okay today, we have EMMA CASSIDY.Survivor of the small massacre in theCassidy cabin.Behind the curtain, out steps -- EMMA CASSIDY, long blond hair. Prettyas ever, wearing a black dress with high heels. Stumbles in them asshe makes her way to the comfy chair and sits.
 HI EMMA.She jumps a bit.EMMAHi.HANKThese following questions are from--TheCheetahWangs.Emma face stares at Hank, confused. A person, someone from behind theset runs up to Hank and whispers in his ear.
Really? It’s Wings?
 The person nods and runs off. Hank stares at the camera awkwardly.EMMASo the question--?HANK
RIGHT. Why do you barely talk anymore?
 What are you hiding from?Emma thinks.EMMA
Nothing. It’s just, the mur
ders.It took a big impact on my life.HANKNext question. If you rarely talk,why would you accept going on aslumber-party?EMMA
I don’t know. I didn’t want to hurt
 their feelings, I guess. And I do needto have more fun in my life again.HANKNext question. Do you believe your lifewill ever go back to normal?EMMA
It’ll take time, but I’m sure it will.
Next question. What’s your favorite movie?
Mean Girls, it’s flawless.
 Emma slightly laughs.HANKNext question is do you like the movie,
“Mean Girls?”
 EMMAUh, yeah. Just said so.HANKNext question--EMMAHow many questions is he going to ask?HANKUh four more.EMMA
My god.Emma sighs and smiles.HANKDo you like fruit? What kind?EMMAErm, apples. And yes I do.HANKHave you ever met Britney Sheilds?EMMA[Laughing]
OH GOD, YES. She’s weird. And crazy?
 HANKHave you ever met Jessica Preddy?EMMAYes. And we maybe, made out.HANKOH GOD, HOT!Emma frowns and ignores that.EMMANext question? And last of his.HANKDo you like Lady Gaga.EMMANo.HANKThanks for those. Erm, questions.CheetahWang.EMMA
Didn’t that set person say it was
 Wings--HANK[Ignoring her]This is a question for Scream 5kKiller.Emma frowns and nods.

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