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Hey Females - Know Yourself via Nakshtras

Hey Females - Know Yourself via Nakshtras

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Published by Dr. Shanker Adawal

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Published by: Dr. Shanker Adawal on Apr 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hey Females - Know yourself via Nakshtras
Aswini (Ketu)
– Modest, clean, wholeosome and admirable character. Inherent respect andadmiration for elder people. Independent and have the ability to earn her living. Capable andsufficient person. Normally such ladies have a good figure.
– Some have quarrelsome and treacherous nature. Tendency for wicked and viciousthoughts for other women particularly Arrogant for husband. internally cold, shrewd and ;cultivative’.
– Thin and tall woman with a weak constitution. Some suffer from chronic ailments includingcough and cold / asthma. Depression and nervousness indicated. Prefers to indulge by her ownwhims and wishes without interference from others including family members. Jealous dispositionand normally difficult to please.
– Born with normally round face with fair complexion and nice figure (Some beauty queensborn in this Nakshatra). Have keen intellect and interesting conversation. Devoted to parents anddomestic life Clean, honest, upright and happy.
– Wealthy family or well – do-do family and shall be brought up in a religious atmosphereand may be deeply religious herself. Some of them are entertaining and interested speakers andwould participate in women’s club activities and other social enterprises. Successful and honouredin public career. Found of beautiful clothes, perfumes, jewels etc. Favourite colours is green andred.
– Critical and fault finding character with disagreeable disposition and may talk in a sarcasticmanner. Some of such ladies are extravagant for whom she may come in contact. Grudginglygenerous. May have weak lungs and should be careful about cough and cold. Some of Ardra-bornfemales may become victim of T.B. etc.
- Successful in all matters and if she selects her career on her own, she will be verywell known and highly honoured. Domestic life shall be very happy and her husband and childrenmust adore her. The house shall be kept in orderly manner. Health remains good except the nativemay suffer from gastric complaints – thus need to be careful in her diet.
– Well read, cultured and active in all community and social affairs. It has been seen thatsuch women are fond of in-door games, bridge parties, club life. Some of such women become acharming hostess. She will have her own money and her husband shall also be generous. Those of Pushya born females may become honoured if they join public career.
– Not a favourable Nakshatra for females. Most of the natives, though educated, havebeen seen to be ‘unclean’ and ‘uncertain’. Depending on other planets, they are disfigured.Secretive and bitter natured. Her shortcomings can be overcome by improving her attitude. Someof such females specially born under Kala-sarpa Yoga may have to lead miserable life. Widowhoodis also indicated.
– A frank, charming and interesting character is indicated. But some conspirates and‘gossip’ remain around them throughout life and may have many secret enemies. Thus they areadvised to be careful while taking to others though they are essentially an honourable and virtuouscharacter (May suffer from character assassination). Practically loyal to family and may do anythingfor happiness in the family.
- ashada born with oval face, such females are found to be quiet, softspoken and cultured.Though apparently modest and unasuming but have a strong and fine character. Very hospitableand sociable – she like to meet people and want to share their woes. Sewing / embroidery /tailoring becomes a speciality. Favour done to such ladies shall be repaid promptly.
– Ashada – Quiet but a joyous and healthy disposition is indicated. Pleasing voice fame andhonour are other characteristics for such ladies. Born in a family with social backgrounds andwishes to mingle with her friends. Such ladies have fixed principles and some of them are rankedas ‘obstinate’. Persons with artistic bent of mind become here friends. Such ladies are efficient andadept in their domestic life.
 – Good natured but some of them become lazy-such ladies have bulky stomach and haveample blossom. Jolly disposition and quick to forgive others for wrongs done to her. Likely to suffer from chronic rheumatism and piles later in life i.e. after 35-40 years of age. Advised to be careful indiet – no over – eating.
– An expensive and luxurious person. Fond of clothes and beautiful surroundings. Most of expenditure is on jewels, perfumes, cosmetics etc. Likely to change dresses several times a dayand always on the look-out for new fashion. Such ladies should marry after careful matching of their horoscopes. Her luck would depend on the Lunar – Paksh Krishnan Paksh (Dark) or Shukla –Paksha (Bright ) i.e. richness and poverty.
– The female has a truthful, honest and straight – forward character. Such persons can beidentified by her gait and also manner of walking. Gait and speech are rather heavy. Normally havea friendly disposition and is popular with their own sex. Normally, they get married in a large familyand are devoted to their husband.
– Such ladies are born with delicate features and have always follow their owninclications. Friendship cannot be thrusted on them. Appealing to opposite sex and shall havefortunes after marriage. Her husband shall be ‘well-to-do’ if not wealthy. She will be fond of traveland change. Beautiful shaped legs add to her figure.
– A gay and fun loving type and clever but may not be lucky in various matters (delayedmarriage etc.). always surrounded by her admiring circle of friends. Married and domestic life will behappy depending on the horoscope of the husband. Some of such ladies have to face divorceproceedings on account of misunderstanding with the husband.
– Likely to occupy influential and respected position. She is independent and self-sufficient, dignified and proud. Though not born in wealth family but she will herself be comewealthy and she will be recognised as head of the family. She is the pivot of the family and allactions precede her instructions.
– Very little happiness is in store for these ladies. Secretive and destructive thoughts prove tobe destructive in various matters. Stubborn nature need to be rectified by constant advice. Somefemales born under this Nakshtra are likely to have many love affairs but all prove trouble-somementally and physically. They must marry after proper matching as chances of widowhood arebright.
– Ashada – Normally, these ladies are born with beautiful face and big lips are veryattractive. Curly hair is another feature for such women. And, another feature is small but well-propotioned feet. She has a generous positive character and would be natural ability as organizer and manager. Normally, such ladies are born in influential families.
– Though contented in nature, but interested in social life. clubs and also in formingsocieties. Capable of holding managerial positions. Fluent in speech and have forceful and logicalwriting. Extremely devoted to husband.
– Such natives are charitable and benevolent and gives courage to others. She may be adoctor or may have spiritual/astrological powers as some needy come to her for help and they getit. Such females are normally sympathetic. Most of such women are designers or interior 

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