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Principle of Working in Conscious

Principle of Working in Conscious

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Published by Dr. Shanker Adawal

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Published by: Dr. Shanker Adawal on Apr 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Principle of Working in Conscious
Dr. Shanker AdawalJyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA, Doctorate in Agriculture and MBA
We are not merely, what is visible as our Body. Trans-plantation of body parts orTrans – fusion of blood from one person to another are some of the many proofs -that we are not the body we have. Body is made up of five elements – earth, water,fire, air and ether or space and will disintegrate and merge back in them. Body is abeautiful gift given to you by ‘the Devine’ for a limited time period, for a purpose.(See that purpose). Body is the ‘Form’ – a manifestation of desires, thoughts andbeliefs – called ‘Sanskaras’.We are the Conscious – an ‘Energy Field’ surrounding our body and also permeatingwithin each and every cell of our Body. Life is imparted to every cell by theConscious. This Cloud of energy keeps on expanding or contracting depending onwhether we are in a joyful state or in a stressful state seized by negativity. ThisConscious is the same and referred to as the Cosmic Conscious, Cosmic Intelligence,Self, God, Super Power and so on.Bigger the ‘Cloud of Conscious’ – more godly we become. We are at a higher positionin the ‘Domain of Divinity’. Most of our experiences are ‘Heavenly’. Conversely,smaller the ‘Cloud of Conscious’ – farther away from godliness we are. Below aparticular threshold – wherein the characteristics of an individual are of normalHuman Being, the individual is in the ‘Domain of Devility’. Most of the experiences anindividual in this Domain goes through are ‘Devilish’ in which his or her own bodysensations, emotions, behavior, and his or her own mind torture or give feeling of pain to him or her. In this state individual experiences physical, mental, emotional orbehavioral problems. But actually these are not the problems but indications of theaspect that the individual’s ‘Energy Level’ is depleted.These ‘Devilish’ experiences of Hell are the effect of Energies (we label as ‘Negative’)in and around us and become operative only when the individual’s energy level isdepleted (and gone below the threshold and entered into ‘domain of devility’. Atdifferent levels of energy one goes through different experiences). These negativeenergies cannot reveal themselves and affect an individual in the ‘Domain of Divinity’. Once, the ‘Energy Level is built up; these problems vanish the same waythey appeared. The individual in the ‘Domain of Devility’ can enter ‘Domain of Divinity only through the Threshold defining ‘Normal Human Being’.The ‘Principle of Working of Conscious’. The ‘Principle of Working of Conscious’ isvery simple. It is that “on ‘whatever’ you pay your ‘attention’ – that grows andbecome stronger.” The higher frequency and intensity of attention (say of a child ora meditator) and attention of number of people make it grow more and happenspeedily. That ‘whatever’ – may be one or more of the following:-Whatever you repeatedly describe yourself as; you end up becoming the one.Therefore, never describe yourself or label yourself or allow to be labeled (by others)as a person - you don’t want to be. Because, whatever we describe ourselves as, westart believing to be so. And thereafter, other people also start seeing us as such.And more and more people carry such impression about us, ‘Collective Conscious’ works and we invariably and speedily end up becoming the one. You become whatyou think you are. You are what you believe you are. When one describes himself or

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