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Morell Cabin Corp Minutes 2006

Morell Cabin Corp Minutes 2006

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Published by morellm591

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Published by: morellm591 on Apr 30, 2012
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Morell Cabin CorporationShareholders Meeting MinutesJuly 3, 2006
The annual meeting of the Shareholders of the Corporation was held at the time and place,and on the date set forth below:Place of the meeting: Morell Cabin, Regina New MexicoDate of Meeting: July 4, 2006Time of Meeting: 6:00 PMThe meeting’s business was to act on such proposals, to elect such Directors, and totransact such other business within the power of the Shareholders as set out herein. Themeeting was called to order by Mary Morell president of the Corporation. As authorized by the Bylaws, the President presided as Chairperson of the meeting. Lucy Morell -Gengler acted as secretary of the meeting and recorded the minutes. The meeting beingheld in accordance with the terms of the Bylaws of the Corporation, the Chairpersondeclared the meeting was validly convened.The following Shareholders were present:Attendance: Jill Morell, Billy Morell, Mary Morell, Jerry Morell, Janie Morell-Hart, JulianMorell, Martin Morell, and Lucy Morell-Gengler Absent: Michael MorellThe Chairperson stated that a majority of the total number of shares issued and outstandingwas represented, that a quorum was present and all prerequisites for the meeting werecompleted and that the meeting was ready to transact any business before it. The meetingwas called the order by Board President, Mary Morell. Julian moved and Jerry secondedthat last year's directors be re-elected for this year and that Billy be appointed asChairperson of the Board. The motion was approved unanimously. Jerry moved andJulian seconded to forgo the reading of the minutes. The minutes of the July 3, 2005meeting were approved as written.Jerry moved and Janie seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion carried unanimously.There being no further business before the meeting, a motion duly made, seconded andunanimously carried, the meeting was adjourned.Date _________________ Lucy Morell- Gengler 
RATIFICATIONWe, the undersigned Shareholders, or duly authorized proxies or assignees thereof, haveread these minutes, hereby approved, ratify, confirm, and consent to all business asreported herein.1.___________________ 2.___________________ 3.___________________ 4.___________________ 5.___________________ 6.___________________ 7.___________________ 8.___________________ 9.___________________ The following documents have been appended to these minutes.A. Call of meetingB. Notice of meetingC. Record of e-mailing/phone notice of meeting
Morell Cabin CorporationBoard of Directors meeting minutesJuly 3, 2006Attendants: Jill Morell, Billy Morell, Mary Morell, Jerry Morell, Janie Morell-Hart, JulianMorell, Martin Morell, and Lucy Morell-Gengler.A meeting of the board of directors of the corporation was held at the Morell Cabin Regina, New Mexico, on the third day of July 3, 2006 at 6:05 PM. The meeting was a regular meeting, for which call and notice are dispensed with in accordance with the Bylaws.There being a quorum of the Directors of the Corporation, the meeting was called to order  by Board Chairperson Billy Morell. Lucy Morell-Gengler acted as secretary to the meeting.The minutes of the previous meeting held on July 3, 2005 were read by Lucy. Julianmoved and Jerry seconded to approve the minutes as read.Election of officersMartin moved and Janie seconded nomination for officers as follows: President- MaryMorell, Vice - President- Julian Morell, Chairperson of the Board - Billy Morell, SecretaryLucy Morell-Gengler, Vice-secretary Janie Morell-Hart, Treasurer - Martin Morell.Motion passed unanimously.Treasurer’s reportThe treasures report was read by Martin. The report reflected a balance of slightly over $50,000.00. Martin indicated expenses for construction costs for the new porch were about$2,000. Julian moved and Jerry seconded a motion to approve the expenditures for the newdeck; motion passed unanimously. Martin noted other expenditures were for taxes,supplies, etc. Julian moved and Jerry seconded to accept the treasures report. Motion passed unanimously. Julian moved and Jerry seconded to accept the treasures report asnext year's budget. Motion passed unanimously.Old businessMartin moved and Jane seconded to ratify and affirm all actions of officers and directorsfor the previous year. Approved unanimously.Work on the roof deferred until other cabin priorities done.Replace first tent pad with permanent boarding and extend for a porch. – supports and rail New picnic table for tent areaBig tree needs to be looked at before falling and trees need thinning; Mary will investigate.Owners of the land on the other side of the fence (4.6 acres) still not known.

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