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Your Playlist Can Change Your Life book excerpt

Your Playlist Can Change Your Life book excerpt



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Published by: scprweb on Apr 30, 2012
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What could you learn about yourself if you could peer into your brain and seewhat it looks like when you are listening to your favorite music?We all intuitively know how good it feels to get in our car, turn on the radio, andhear our all-time favorite song. But imagine being able to power up your brainwith that clean, positive energy at will, anytime and anywhere, without negativeside effects. Now imagine being able to think more clearly than usual, with aheightened perception of your surroundings, and being able to reach that state
whenever you need to, wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if your musical taste is
Luciano Pavarotti, Bono, Billie Holiday, or Muse. You can achieve this state, andthis book will show you how.There is much new scientific research to document the profound influence ofmusic on your physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. In fact, wheneverpeople come together for weddings, funerals, graduations, sports, worship,recreation, romance, dinner, or entertainment, music is there. Independent of ourbackgrounds and beliefs, our customs and traditions, music has a primary role inall aspects of our lives.Historically, rhythm, music, and song have been used as a way to tune the mind,to heal the body, and to strengthen the spirit. Music is even viewed today as away to connect to the universe itself. Not surprisingly, the core features of musicare RHYTHM, HARMONY, RESONANCE, SYNCHRONY, and DISSONANCE(see glossary for definitions of terms), and those are the same processes thebrain uses to coordinate its activities and carry out complex behaviors. This iswhy music can have such a profound effect on us.Thanks to several new advances in neuroimaging technology, we now know thatmusic affects every part of the brain and has the potential to exert powerfulinfluence over its control systems. And because those systems regulate much ofour thought processes and goal-directed actions, music can influence ourperceptions, emotions, memories, neurochemistry, and ultimately our behavior.In the long term, music can begin to change how our higher brain systemsoperate by increasing our ability to adapt to stress and allowing us to evolve anew way of thinking, one in which you can use music as a support mechanism inall that you do.
Your Playlist Can Change Your Life 
is an attempt to take something we allalready love
and view it through the lens of revolutionary, frontierneuroscience, which has opened a treasure chest of new and exciting ways touse the incredible elixir of music to enhance our daily lives.Did you know that:
The rhythms in the brain are organized by the same principles as music.
Your brain processes music differently than language and mathematics, yetmusic can influence your proficiency in each.
Musical processes that engage in the womb may affect you for the rest of yourlife.
Calmness requires more of your body’s energy than alertness, and music can
help you set the balance between the two.
Music, like scent, has an immediate neuro pathway that can bypass yourthinking brain and directly affect your emotional state.
Musical ability is natural to the human species and not just a rare talent.
Your brain waves can be turned into musical notes using a computer and amathematical algorithm, and that music can help improve your sleep, mood,and even on-the-job performance.Most important, music can be used to trigger various mental states that rangefrom being highly focused and vigilant to feeling an all-encompassing calm andrelaxed attitude, all without having to use harmful drugs.All you need to do is choose a playlist that activates the brain networks that will
meet your demands and hit the play button. Your playlist will unlock your brain’s
hardwired musical remedy, ultimately putting you in your best mind-set to meetyour goals. In short, you can use your self-prescribed personal playlist to achievea higher level of mental functioning and to enhance your well-being in all that youdo.Based on many years of research as well as new research that is not availableanywhere else,
Your Playlist Can Change Your Life 
will provide you withscientifically proven, step-by-step methods to use your favorite music to enhanceyour health, memory, organization, alertness, and more.Today there is a burgeoning demand for personalized health care and wellness.People want information that is suited to them, solutions that are natural and
effective. In this spirit, we’re bringing our unique blend of expertise in
NEUROPSYCHIATRY, NEUROPHYSIOLOGY, COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE,psychology, brain research, clinical medicine, and human performanceimprovement to bear in this book. We are on a mission, of sorts, to bring you ascientifically proven, self-
regulatory program that uses one of life’s greatest
music.Ultimately, you will get a glimpse of what goes on in your own brain whenlistening to your favorite playlist, and you will learn how to use the power of musicto stay mentally sharp and focused, with increased rates of performance and withan enhanced ability to fight off stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and evenaddiction.
Your Playlist Can Change Your Life 
will take you to the frontiers of medicine,neuroscience, psychology, and personalized health care straight into a world of
sound, rhythm, music, and song. It will unleash a seemingly magical force withinyour own brain that is capable of wielding great synergy within your body as wellas your mind.
We speak as one voice in this book, but you’re actually reading the combined
experience and expertise of three people: Galina Mindlin, MD, PhD; DonDuRousseau, MBA; and Joseph Cardillo, PhD. You can read more about us onpage 231, but we want to give you an idea of who your tour guides will be on this journey.Galina is
Your Playlist 
s lead scientist. She is a founder of BRAIN MUSIC
THERAPY (BMT) in the United States (you’ll read more about BMT in chapter 
10).Don brings his unique blend of neuroscience and business expertise to
Your Playlist.
He is the founder and chief executive officer of Human Bionics, LLC, andthe executive director of Peak Neurotraining Solutions Inc.Joseph is a top-selling author in the fields of health, mind-body-spirit, andpsychology. He has a doctorate in holistic psychology and mind-body medicine.He has taught at various universities, including the University at Albany andHudson Valley Community College.
How to Use This Book
Each chapter presents one of ten scientifically proven ways that music can helpyou heighten your level of peak performance and achieve better health andharmony in your day-to-day living. You will learn how to:1.
Use songs to launch your brain into its most optimal mind-set2.
Use music to keep that mind-set flowing from one task to another, one day toanother3.
Use music to bring calm to your daily routines and to train your brain toautomatically start calming you whenever you need it4.
Use music to boost your mental alertness whenever and wherever you need itand to train your brain to automatically spike your alertness when you need it5.
Use songs to intensify and train the release of feel-good, pleasure-producingneurochemicals to make you happier and to facilitate the successful achievementof many goals6.
Use songs to stimulate and train your brain into its best organizational mode andto transfer that mind-set to your daily activities7.
Use music to set your brain into its best remembering mode, to help you bettercommit anything to memory, deepen its storage, and recall it faster8.
Use songs to train your brain to get you into a mood, out of a mood, and througha mood, as well as to alter and enhance moods together with your partner; toovercome compulsive, addictive, and self-destructive behaviors; and to heal abroken heart

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