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Operating System

Operating System

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Published by code1012

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Published by: code1012 on Apr 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cleaning your computer 
Cleaning your computer issomething that we shouldalways do. Not the outside(monitor, mouse andkeyboard) but on the inside aswell (emptying the recycle bin,deleting files and preformingvirus scans).Cleaning the outside of yourcomputer is always a goodidea. Dust and/or dirt canaccumulate in your mouse andkeyboard witch could make itharder to type or click on stuff.Cleaning your monitor justmakes your computer screenlook cleaner.Cleaning the inside of yourcomputer is very important.Preforming virus scans will getrid of spyware, Trojans, etc.Weekly scans will help yourcomputer run smoothly.Emptying your recycling bin,deleting old files anddefragging your computer willhelp it run smoother.
Operating system
Process management ismaking an agenda or task todo on a regular basis. Processmanagement is updating andgoing over your document, business, etc. To make sureyou have everything needed.Memory management is whatyou need to save your files.Maximizing your memory
won’t only make your
computer run smoother; itwill help to prevent yourcomputer or application fromcrashing.File management is what youneed to know to keep yoursaved work neat and tidy.Save your work, put thatwork into a folder. That foldershould be in a located within
different category’s
that youcan understand and that iseasy to find.Network management iswhat is needed to access theinternet and variousapplications. Networkmanagement ensures thatyour programs are properlyinstalled and will workaccordingly.Device management is whatyou need to accesssomething not connected toyour computer. For examplea printer or fax machine;they could be used andaccess by your computer.Without needing to go thedevice itself.
Computer Processing
Eric Chislett & Maya Skarzenski
[Edition 1, Volume 1]
Cleaning the inside of your computer is very important.Preforming virus scans will get rid of spyware, Trojans, etc.Weekly scans will help your computer run smoothly.Emptying your recycling bin, deleting old files anddefragging your computer will help it run smoother.]

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