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Extended Inquiry Project Reflection Letter

Extended Inquiry Project Reflection Letter

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Published by Austin Snipes

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Published by: Austin Snipes on Apr 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Snipes 1Austin Snipes4/8/2012Dr. CampbellEnglish 1102
Extended Inquiry Project Reflection
Dear Malcolm,The extended inquiry project is a very fitting came for this project, because if it is onething, it is extended. To be successful in this course, this project must be on your mind atleast 95% of the time. For weeks, at the start of the semester, I allowed this project tocompletely consume me. I had no idea in the world what I could write about; especiallysince it had to be something I am interested in, and related to Web 2.0. The only think Icould think of at the start of the project was twitter, especially since I am, in fact, slightlyaddicted to twitter. For awhile, I feel the thought of twitter somewhat constricted mypotential on the project, but thankfully my topic was right in front of my face the wholeentire time, and I had nothing to do with twitter.It was around the third week in January, and my church, Elevation Church was inthe midst of a revival. Since UNC Charlotte campus is about 30 minutes away from thechurch, there was no possible way I would have been able to attend with my busyschedule. Along with the start of the revival, Elevation introduced a new website calledthe Elevation Network, which is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of Elevation sermons. Onthe first Tuesday of the two week revival, I got my computer out, logged onto theElevation Network, and watched the revival live from my bed. This is the moment that it
Snipes 2hit me. Elevation uses Web 2.0 in so many different ways to reach people across theworld. I immediately pulled up the assignment sheet, read it thoroughly, and begandrafting my initial inquiry question. Since I have been a consistent member of Elevationfor close to four years, I was very excited that I made the connection between the church,and Web 2.0, and I thought that this would be a fairly easy topic to do my project on forthe most part.Unfortunately, easy is the wrong word. Even though there is a lot of informationI already knew about the church, there was much more that I did not know, that I neededto go find. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what the main point of my paper wouldbe, but this was made crystal clear at the conference.On the morning of the conference, I did not know what to expect. My mainconcern is that my initial topic of how has Web 2.0 effected Elevation Church? Wasmuch too broad, and it needed to be narrowed down to something simpler. To my relief,you were in agreement with me, and gave me a few suggestions to guide me along theprocess. The first suggestion was to focus on thing such as the Elevation Network andpoint to point technology. These became two of my three main points of the project. Thesecond very important suggestion made was to find out who paved the way for Elevationusing video technology, and how that shaped the church into where it is today I took these remarks into careful consideration, and used them as main guidelines for myproject. After all, it probably pays off taking advice from the one who gives my work agrade.After the conference period ended, I was well on my way to producing my finalproduct, and I reached the point that was without a doubt, my favorite throughout the
Snipes 3whole process. This part was researching my topic. The reason why I enjoyed theresearch so much is because I love learning new things about my church. I could spendhours reading articles, books, and watching videos about the church and its history. Myfavorite part of the research was watching the documentary made by Elevation, about itshistory,
This is How We Change the World 
. I saw this about a year ago when it was firstreleased, and it is very entertaining, touching, and filled with endless useful informationthat I used in my project.Once the research was done, it became time to start writing, which meant it wastime for in text citations, and works cited. It is safe to say, over 90% of the students are inconsensus when I say all of the citations was the least enjoyable part of the entire process.No matter how many times I read the Purdue OWL page, or articles out of the textbook on proper MLA formatting and citing, I always found a way to screw up my in textcitations, and my works cited. I reviewed these articles before turning in my annotatedbibliography, and I thought I had them right, but when I got it back, I saw I had a longway to go. My goal is that I can take the feedback I got from the annotated bibliography,and turn it into a well polished final piece. Just because the citations were the leastenjoyable part of the final process, I hope I put enough effort into them, to where it is notthe downfall of my project. I firmly believe I have done what it takes.If I have to pick one part of the project I am most proud of, I would have to say itis the introduction of the paper. Great parallels between the National and Southern viewsof traditionally styled church, with the new, contemporary style or worship that Elevationuses are made. This makes a crystal clear image of the point I am trying to make aboutElevation and its use of Web 2.0.

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