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Annotated Bibs..

Annotated Bibs..

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Published by Ashley Whittaker

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Published by: Ashley Whittaker on May 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ashley WhittakerAnnotated BibliographyEnglish 1102What are the negative effects of underweight models in fashion with young teenage girls leadingto health disorders?
"Healthy lifestyle promotion may be eating disorder prevention strategy inadolescents."
 Endocrine Today
10 July 2008: 30.
 Academic Search Complete
.Web. 26 Feb. 2012.
This is a news article from the Endocrine Today evaluating why young teenagers develop eatingdisorders. Researchers from Boston and California conducted a trail to indentify some of theindictors for eating disorders. The results are over 12,000 teenagers are binging, and using othermethods weekly. The material history has not had any effect on why these children were all
 predictors of purging. “The researchers believe that he has a very strong effect on eating
disorders in age 9-15.The News paper Endocrine Today is reviewed by the Chief Medical Editor Brandon G.Thompson and Executive Editor George C. Collins, who are solely responsible for deciding upontheir acceptance, rejection or need for revision, based upon their appropriateness to the missionof the publication. (endocrinetoday.com) the website was updated in January of 2012. This newsarticle was published on July 10, 2008. Because of the research the Article would be a creditablesource.The news article helps explain the factors that go into having an eating disorder. What childrengo through with their families and friends, some symptoms associated with the topic, and havingreliable testing and trials that were successful in proving that the media has an impact onteenagers both male and female.
Krishna Velasquez, et al. "Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Peer Competition,Television Influences, And Body Image Dissatisfaction."
 Journal Of Social &Clinical Psychology
30.5 (2011): 458-483.
 Academic Search Complete
. Web. 12Mar. 2012.
This is an academic Journal the author was trying to show the differences of television, peers,and body images associated with eating disorders. It states that approximately one hundredstudies of media effects on body image have been conducted with the majority of these showing
at least some evidence for effects. (mirror mirror on the wall) They believe that the media has anegative effect on females; however the effect is relatively low.There are many authors in this academic journal they are; Ferguson, Christopher J, Munoz,Monica E, Contreras, Sandra
Velasquez, Krishna. Ferguson has posted many Journals one being
 Contreras posted Hydrogen substitutes for the in situ generation of H
: Anapplication in the Fenton reaction. They are all reliable sources and this article has potential to bea creatable source for my inquiry question.This Journal gives example relating to teenagers and eating disorder associated with the media. It
tells how females’ minds react; it
also explains that eating disorders is associated with media,however there are many other factors related.
"Media Is Fuelling Eating Disorders, Say Psychiatrists." Ed. BBC News. 22Feb. 2010. Web. 13 Mar. 2012.
The BBC news did an article on mass media and how is does in fact affect young teens.The Royal College of Psychiatrists criticizes the media for using underweight models andairbrushing pictures to make models appear physically perfect. (BBCnews) This sends a badmessage to teens that are still figuring out what their bodies should look like. The media believesmaking these models thin and perfect will sell merchandize but in fact it is hurting more thanhelping. They also believe that using these images is ethically wrong, the underweight models
don’t look like that is really life, they are airbrushed which gives a unreal appearance.
This news article is creditable because it is using professors with degrees on this topic.The royal college of Psychiatrist BBC news is a company with creatable sources. Annabel Brog,editor of Sugar, Susan Ringwood of the eating disorder charity ball is in this article as references.The re
searchers of the news article “media is fueling eating disorders,” believe that themedia is taking away from children’s youth. They said that children as young as five were being
diagnosed with anorexia. They are related the media in a bad way, saying it is the reason formany eating disorders and the underweight models should be shown how they look in real life,and stop trying to poison the world of mental diseases.
Roberts, Alan, and Emily Good. "Media Images And Female BodyDissatisfaction: The Moderating Effects Of The Five-Factor Traits."
 Eating Behaviors
11.4 (2010): 211-216.
 Academic Search Complete
. Web. 26 Feb. 2012.
 In this Academic Journal the author has a trial named the Five-Factor Traits. Sixty-four collegewomen completed the NEO-PI which is a Personality Research program; and the eatingdisorders inventory were then randomly exposed to pictures of overweight models; as a result of 
this testing the women who were high in “neuroticism” showed a better attitude and has a higher 

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