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Final Reflection

Final Reflection

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Published by Caroline Jolley

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Published by: Caroline Jolley on May 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Caroline JolleyMs. CarusoEnglish 110230 April 2012Final ReflectionAs I look back at the work I have completed throughout this class I can say that Ifeel completely confident in how far I have come as a writer. In my intro letter I statethat I feel as if I am always dragging my papers out and they do not have any flow.Through our papers and revisions this semester I have understood how my writing worksand how to correct the problems that I have had in the past. Procrastination is anothertask I have overcome this semester. I did procrastinate for majority of the semester butafter the one on one conference I started to buckle down. I then started gettingassignments done way before the due date, which took a lot of stress off of me.Hopefully I can use this skill in my future and all of my other classes as well.In addition to improving on my writing, I have also improved tremendously onmy peer review. On our first peer review I felt confident in one of my partners papers butnot the others. I learned that even if I could not relate to the topic that I need to give thewriter ideas of how to explain the topic or make it more intriguing. Therefore, when thesecond session of peer review came around I was more than ready to participate. I set agoal and thought about what I would want on my paper and stuck to it. I went fromcorrecting spelling and grammar to introducing new ideas, asking for explanations, andproviding my honest opinion.
When looking back on my major works in my concept board such as my historicalinquiry paper and final proposal I have a since of accomplishment. I have learned how toput my ideas on paper and was happy with my work, but I also have progressed far in myrevisions. In the past I have strictly went through the comments on my paper and madechanges in only those aspects. While this semester I actually revised my paper as awhole. I learned how to grasp a concept and correct it throughout the paper. Havingdone these revisions I am now confident if I am ever approached with more papersthroughout my college career.Throughout the course there were many assignments given and I have been strongin some areas while weak in others. One of my biggest weaknesses seems to be the
clarity of my papers. I often have tons of ideas and information in my work it just isn’t
always presented in the best ways, which tends to make my papers sound choppy. Onthe other hand, I have strengths as well. I am strong in my peer review. Being strong inthis section is beneficial to me because when I am giving a partner feedback I can usethat advice and apply it to my own work. Also, I have a strong understanding of myideas and research a lot of information. This is to my advantage as I have many sourcesto work with until my weakness comes into play. If I could just perfect that weaknessand apply my strengths I would be on the perfect path.I feel like the revision aspect of this course has been the most important for myfuture. Through revising I learn how to see and correct my mistakes and that is a skillthat I can take with me to all of my future classes. I have been open minded for this classeven though there have been times I wanted to just give up. My expectations of thecourse remained the same as far as what I expected from the curriculum, but not from

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