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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence

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Published by Danielle Chemello

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Published by: Danielle Chemello on May 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Skill Sequence AssignmentDanielle ChemelloPage 1 of 18
Skill Sequence AssignmentDanielle ChemelloSPED 448: Spring 2012Skill Sequence - Visual Diagram
Skill Sequence AssignmentDanielle ChemelloPage 2 of 18
Skill Sequence - General Explanation and Rationale
Skill Sequence AssignmentDanielle ChemelloPage 3 of 18
The purpose of a skill sequence is to define what a student needs to learn in order to ac-complish an outcome. The skills to be learned are ranked in order of difficulty based on their  placement in relation to other skills in the skill sequence. For example, skills on the bottom of theskill sequence are the easiest skills, while the skills on the top of the page are much harder. Skillsthat are located on the same level as each other are considered to be ones with similar difficultylevels. Skill sequences are made specifically for a student’s needs and preferences, so I have madeone specifically for a student named TJ. The skills on the skill sequence are ones that she needs tolearn and practice so that she can arrange public bus transportation and then ride it safely to a storeso that she can pay for items.The skills that are on the top of the skill sequence are there because they are specificallyharder for TJ. She is yet to master the bottom ones, so the higher up ones would be more difficult.For example, TJ has a hard time keeping her purse and belongings with her at all times. She oftenforgets them and does not realize it until later. Quantity is what makes it more difficult for TJ toremember her things. When she has many things out of her purse, she is more likely to put an itemdown and then forget it. This is why mastering the skill of remembering one, then two, then moreitems is a good progression for her.Another example would be that of figuring out times for the MTD bus. TJ will start withtexting the MTD company for bus times because she loves to use technology and this is a task shecan master with practice. After mastering this, she will move on to another source of technologythat will allow her to determine the schedule. Since this skill is a little more difficult, it is on ahigher level on the skill sequence. Later, TJ will be expected to use the electronic and paper signschedules at the bus stop to determine which times the bus will come. These are important skills toknow in case TJ does not have her phone with her.

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