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Curriculum Planning Assignment

Curriculum Planning Assignment

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Published by Danielle Chemello

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Published by: Danielle Chemello on May 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Danielle Chemello 1
Curriculum Planning Assignment/ReadingSPED 447Spring 2012
Conduct a record review of a student. Complete the information below. If the information is notavailable, please note NA in the box and provide a brief explanation of why it might not be avail-able.
Section 1Information neededDocumentation/Results
•Past schooling/Educational history-Has the student attended more than oneschool, either in or out of state?-Washington Early Childhood-Wiley Elementary (Aug 2003-gen ed kinder-garten classroom) (cross cat class started in05)-Garden Hills Elementary in 2005-Franklin MS 2009-presentWith whom does the student live?mother when younger, now grandmothe-FMS designates grandmother as guardian•Report card from past year -relevant comments, especially with regard toliteracy and/or functional academics-psychological report says that student is fail-ing most classes but getting a C in reading•Achievement scores/Formal assessment data-Standardized tests (ISAT, PSAE)-IAA-IQ or intelligence tests-Differential Ability Scales-Preschool RecordForm: Verbal Cluster=72, NonverbalCluster=71General Cognitive Ability=67-participates in district wide and state assess-ments with accommodations until 08-09 year (read test items to student, simplification of directions, extended time, and alternate set-ting with fewer distractions)-accommodations for school, no modifica-tions as of 08-IAA decided during 09-10 year •Results of vision and hearing tests-both tests given on March 6, 2007 by Cham- paign schools. no concerns were noted-passed on 9/16/2010 as well
Danielle Chemello 2
•Special programs or services-Reading Recovery (1st grade)-RtI-OT/PT/Speech/Social work -speech therapy in elementary grades and pri-or too-OT for 30 minutes per week for 30 weeksstarting 9/04 to work on handwriting-social work for 30 minutes per weeks for 1year starting 5/2/05-supplementary aids=pre teach/vocabularywords, alternative assignments, small groupinstruction, provide alternate assignments-accommodations offered in IEP: read testitems to student, simplification of directions,adult to write down student’s responses, ex-tended time, alternate setting with fewer dis-tractions, and small group administration-tier 3 for reading/language arts (Language!in 2010)-no more OT in 2010-pull out math in 2010•Attendance patterns from past two years-good attendance, not truant to the pointwhere intervention is necessary•Demographics-parents’ occupation-free and reduced lunch-SSIAfrican AmericanEnglish speakinglives with mother and grandmother in ele-mentary gradesmother is unemployed•Health concerns and/or medication requiredpremature birth --on life support severalweeks after birth-bacterial meningitis at age 2
Section 2
Danielle Chemello 3
Student description (age, grade, placement, reading level):-
 birth date is 7-17-98 making T 14 years old-cognitive impairment
8th grade-self contained ELA class at Franklin Middle School-self contained math class-Corrective Reading class for comprehension intervention, 6 Minute Solutions, Lexia-self contained social skills class-inclusive science and social studies classes
reads at a 5th grade instructional level, 4th grade independently, and 6th grade comprehension-DRA Fall 2009=20-DRA Spring 2009= 29-IAA 2011 in Reading=579 scale score and Performance Standard is E
Current curriculum (core/supplementary/intervention as applicable):-
School Core Curriculum is Prentice Hall Literature, Eighth Grade Version-T does not receive this instruction-School Supplementary Curriculum is Language!-T uses Language!’s yellow book which is at a 4th-5th grade level-School Intervention is Corrective Reading (comprehension), 6 Minute Solutions (fluency), andLexia (decoding)-T engages in all three of these during her fourth hour intervention class
Current instructional delivery (describe learning environment and deliverymodel for ALL reading instruction):
-Corrective Reading, 6 Minute Solutions, and Lexia are all done during a 40 minute period. Thisclass has 5 students in it. Both small group and one on one instruction occurs.-Language! is taught during a 60 minute period class that has 2 students in it. This class periodallows for 15 minutes of Lexia at the beginning of the period. During 4th quarter, the studentsare reading a graphic novel called
in order to maintain the grade wide curriculumunit of the Holocaust.

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