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May-Volume 2 Wellness One Newsletter

May-Volume 2 Wellness One Newsletter

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Published by Lynn O'Brien

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Lynn O'Brien on May 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In this issue
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FEATURE STORYDr. Saleebydiscusses how todiet & exercise toght obesity
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ColonHydrotherapy Newto WellnessOne!
News and Events at WellnessOne/ Issue #2 / MAY 2012
Serving ourpatient’s needsone lie at a time.
4736 Highway 17 Bypass South | Myrtle Beach, SC 29588843-444-WELL (9355) | FAX 843-294-0019 | Mon-Fri 9-7 | Sat 9-4 | SunPage 7
Come check outone o Dr. Saleeby’sLectures!
Our Medical Director, Dr. Saleeby’s book,“Wonder Herbs: A Guide to Three Adaptogens”,published in 2006, provides an in-depth reviewo natural botanicals and their benets.Stop by the clinic and purchase yourautographed copy today!
News and Events at WellnessOne/ Issue #2 / MAY 2012
Compiled by Lynn O’BrienEdited by Lynn O’BrienCo-edited by Dr. JP Saleeby, MDWriters in this IssueDr. JP Saleeby, MDDarin Green, LMT / Colon Hydrotherapist
About WellnessOne
 The Future o Medicine Happening Now!WellnessOne is a leading-edge medical center that oers integrative, holistic, patient-ocused medical treatments in the Myrtle Beach area. We oer a ull menu o wellnessprograms that complement each other by addressing all issues related to well-being.Our programs are designed or anyone who wants to enjoy optimal health: Whethersuering rom a chronic illness or simply wanting to prevent disease, WellnessOne has apersonalized program that is right or you.* Massage & Chiropractic Therapies * FIR Sauna* Detoxication & Colon Therapy * Cancer & Heart Disease Screening* Chronic Degenerative Illness Relie * IV Therapy* Immune System Enhancement * Longevity/Nutritional Medicine* Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement * Blood LabWellnessOne is conveniently located minutes rom Myrtle Beach International Airportin Myrtle Beach, SC. We invite you to call (843) 444-WELL or email us at schedule@wellnessoneamerica.com to schedule your initial consultation. It may be the mostimportant conversation you have all year!
HCG$50.00 OFFin May 2012
1 per patient
HCG Protocol From Dr. Saleeby, MD
Written By JP Saleeby, MD
First, we must dene obesity to better understand it and then dis-cuss what can be done outside o medication and surgery to con-trol or manage this disorder. Obesity is deined as a chronic con-dition resulting rom the interaction between a person’s geneticmakeup and the environment (phenotype). There are a lot o ac-tors to include social, behavioral, cultural, psychological, and hor-monal or metabolic that impact this disease. Despite the over-whelming number o people who suer this disorder, it is stillpoorly understood. One is considered obese when their BodyMass Index (BMI) calculated by using weight and height is elevat-ed. A person with a BMI o greater than 30% is by denition obese.In 1999, the National Health & Nutrition Exam Survey (NHANES)ound that 61% o Americans are obese. This is a 5% increase over the1988 – 1994 period and a 14% increase over the 1976 – 1980 period. This is a sad state o aairs. Something has gone terribly wrong here.The relative risks or several other diseases are signicant. Diabetestype II, Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension, Cancer, Dyslipidemia,and Sleep Apnea are all disorders that arise in part due to obesity. Forbetter quality o lie, it is essential to avoid obesity and all its sequel-ae. That is why in anti-aging medicine, nutrition, diet and exerciseis as important as any other medication or hormone we prescribe.Simply put, i one is to reduce caloric intake in conjunction withincreased caloric expenditure, the result is weight loss (a loss o storedat as opposed to muscle should really be the choice o words here.)Unortunately, there is no magic pill or procedure that is saer than eat-ing right and exercising. But it takes will power and compliance andmany Americans are not willing to be this disciplined. The alternativescan be costly. Do nothing and you subject yoursel to an early deathand increased morbidity rom the other illnesses mentioned above.Pick a weight loss medication and you can suer the consequences o many untoward and dangerous side eects. Remember the problemswith Redux and Fen-phen. Also, who wants to suer rom the gastricdiscomort o Orlistat (Xenical), or the danger o sudden death withover-the-counter Ephedra inused products. Others consider surgicalprocedures such as gastric bypass or gastric stapling with its relativelyhigh morbidity and mortality rate and malabsorption problems. Theremoval o adipose tissue surgically (liposuction) is not without riskso inection and sensory nerve damage. Sometimes, with the morbid-ly obese surgical intervention is a must. But or those mildly obese orheading that way, remember diet and exercise irst. From a nutrition recommendation, I could go on or hours, but bysimply avoiding “ad” diets and sticking with a reasonable / sensibleplan, you will not yo-yo or spin your wheels. Ater an exhaustivereview o the plethora o dietary recommendations out there, I coun-sel my patients quite simply. A protein weighted diet with ratios o 40% Carbs, 30% Protein and 30% Fats (Good ats mind you, rom suchsources as olive oil and sh mostly). This comes very close to the dietaryrecommendations o Dr. Barry Sears o the “Zone” ame. Requiredreading or my patients, by the way, is Dr. Sears’ “A Week in the Zone.”Remember, one pound (0.45 kg) is equal to 3,500 calories. Thereore,a person consuming 500 calories more than he or she expends daily
How to Fight it withDiet and Exercise

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