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World Atlas Collapsed [CHARACTER BIO]

World Atlas Collapsed [CHARACTER BIO]

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Published by Kieran James Hole

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Published by: Kieran James Hole on May 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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World Atlas Collapsed character biosThe following has a run down of all the characters in World Atlas Collapsed, onappearing in the story, it gives their name, age, death time, cause of death, firstappearance and brief run down on their life. Name: Johes Setcher Age: 15Death: N/ACoD: N/AFirst Appearance: Narrator to the story, straight awayBio: Nero lives in the small village of Oast, and has lived their since the day hewas born. He is a very UN-sociable personality and has a fond love of pirates. Hewants to join Valsander's crew one day, but his strict parents and Valsander allforbid it. In his mid teens has a very high interest in girls, and becomes a pervertin the story, how ever this is never actually said. It is however hinted at for acomical effect. He sets out to rescue his brother Thom from Ekaps when Oast isdestroyed and his parents are killed. Name: Elaine Setcher Age: 34Death: Chapter oneCoD: Stabbed in the heart by one of Ekapses pirates.First Appearance: In chapter one, cooking in the kitchen.Bio: Nero and Thoms mother, and Hectors wife. She met Hector when he was stilla pirate, on docking at a port town for a day, he met her and they fell in love. Heconvinced her to go with him, but when Advin's crew was attacked byWoodgruffin he decided that he didn't want her getting hurt, and they went to livein Oast where she eventually gave birth to Nero, then five years later Thom. Name:
Setcher Age: 10Death: Final Chapter CoD: The Supernova wipes out the Realm of Blind Angels wiping out ThomFirst Appearance: In Chapter one, playing with rocks in the garden.Bio: Nero's ten year old brother, he is friends with Fan as seen from the beginning.However when Oast is destroyed Ekaps kidnaps him to begin a ritual. The crew peruse Ekaps and eventually learn about his plans. He plans to turn Thom into the

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