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The Blue Dragon - Semester 2 Edition 3

The Blue Dragon - Semester 2 Edition 3

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The newsletter of Nanchang International School
The newsletter of Nanchang International School

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Published by: Nanchang International School on May 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This newsletter againreflects the manydifferent activities thathave taken place in theschool recently.Looking ahead overthe coming weeks, wehave the Dragon ClassCamp, the SchoolOpen Day, theInternational SummerFair and CommunityBBQ to look forwardto.We hope to see asmany of you aspossible at the events.It is hard to believe wehave less than twomonths until the end ofour second year! Thecurrent academicsemester and year hasflown by.Since our lastnewsletter in March wehave had a very busytime and we do notseem to be slowingdown as we racetowards June.Our last newsletterwas read by 994people world-wide aswe publishedourselves on a varietyof Social Mediaplatforms with thepotential to reachalmost 7000 people.See inside thisnewsletter for how wehave been communi-cating.On Wednesday 25thApril we were invitedto tour the manufactur-ing plant of Ford inNanchang.The children and staffwere taken on a tour tosee how the famousFord Transit van wasbuilt. We were able to
follow vehicle chassis’
along the production-line watching how theywere turned intocompleted vans.One of the mostexciting parts of thetour was watching therobots welding thechassis parts together.Thank you to all atFord for arrangingsuch an interestingvisit!
Message from the Principal
Inside thisissue:
Ford Factory Visit 2Panda Class 3Student LedConferences3From Farm to Table 4SLC Photographs 5SLC Reflections 6-8Social Media 9
Papa John’s Pizzeria
9Community Lunch 9Social Media 10Pizza Making 11SLC Reflections 12-13Information Literacy 13Summer Fair 14Farewell 14An educators iPad 14Upcoming Events 151st day of Summer 16And Finally 17
Visit to the Ford Factory
Nanchang International School
The Blue Dragon
1st May 2012Semester 2 Edition 3
Page 3
Student Led ConferencesLearning in Panda Class
In Panda Class, wedo much of ourlearning through
“play.” This doesn’t
mean we play gamesall day. Instead, itmeans we strive tointeract with ourenvironment asmuch as possible,and allow theseinteractions to be thestarting point for ourlearning. In the lastcouple of weeks, wehave had some greatopportunities to dothis.Last week, we hadsome special guests,when some tadpolescame to visit ourclass! Summer andher mother cameacross our newfriends while theywere on the way toschool. We observedthe tadpoles closelyfor a couple of days.Afterwards, we hadmany questions:What do tadpoleseat?How long will it takethem to grow into ayoung frog?So, we did someresearch on thecomputer to find outmore about them. Asfurther study, wedrew some picturesto express ourthoughts.On April 19, we wentto a strawberry farmand picked somefresh strawberries.Before the trip, wediscussed thefollowing questions:Where do strawber-ries grow?What kind of foodcan we make fromstrawberries?This led to a greatdiscussion of all thepossible treats wecould make. Aftergreat deliberation, wefinally decided tomake strawberrypies.Both of theseactivities gave thechildren wonderfulopportunities toengage in authenticlearning experiences.They were able tostudy live creaturesinstead of justreading about themin books. They werealso able to get their
hands “dirty”
washing, cutting, andkneading dough forpastry. Finally, theylearned that growingfood, getting it tomarket, and prepar-ing it to eat takes lotsof hard work
.Mrs. Haigh
learning andunderstanding.Activities includedcreating electricalcircuits, the mathe-matics of buyingitems from a shop,teaching parents howto write Chinesecharacters and basicOn Wednesday 25thApril we held our firstever Student LedConferences.The children of everyclass prepared aseries of activitiesthat they then ledtheir parents throughto display theircomputerprogramming skills.A selection of the
children’s views
about the confer-ences are on thefollowing pages ofthis newsletter.
Parents and ChildrenShare Learning
The Blue Dragon

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