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To Dr Raman With Love Series
ByV. Venkataramana Rao, B.A., B.L.
(Taken From Astrological Magazine Of Dr Raman, Jan 1957 Issue)
uring our enquiries about nadis we havecome across a certain Nadi astrologer, whoowns some nadis of which “
Sri UmaMaheswara Samvada Vina Vidai
” is one. It is usuallycalled “
”. The other nadis in hispossession are:(1)
Sri Sukar Markandeyar Samavadam,(2)
Uma Maheswara Perunool,(3)
Krishna Sahadeva Samvadam,(4)
Navagraha Samvadam,(5)
Padinennu Maharshigal Siddhantam and(6)
Agasthiar Mahavakyam.All these nadis relate to predictive astrology and its kindred branches. Weshall confine to the "
 Aroodam Nadi
" alone in this article. The history of allthese nadis is given in the nadi itself. Having heard of the existence of nadigrandhams at Hastinapuram, one Sri Krishna Sanyasi of Gokulam goes thereto equip himself with their knowledge. He studies also Vedas, Puranas,Mantras and Tantras there. Then he resorts to Dravida country of SouthIndia and imparts their knowledge to his pupil Pasupathi Pattan of Pandyanad. The latter imparts this knowledge to his own pupils, viz., Seshan,Saketan, Thida Varathan and Viswasan. Of these, Seshan consigned thesenadis to the care of a Chandravamsa king of Tanjore. They were in thecustody of this dynasty for about 250 years. Then they were stolen from thethe royal library and thereafter they fell
into the hands of several persons.
Years ago one of the Nadi astrologers told us that “
” possessed waspurchased by his grandfather for Rs. 25 or so when several palm-leaf manuscripts wereauctioned at Tanjore. He could not give us more details.-Ed. A .M.
As the title shows the matter of the Aroodam is designed in the form of adialogue between
and his consort
. This nadi is usually readon
. But if there is any special reading to be given thedate is fixed by the nadi itself.
The questioners will have to give their ascendantswith the birth stars.
That is all. The first verse of the aroodam for the daybegins with an invocation of the presiding Deity. Then the ascendant and thestar of one of the questioners is mentioned in the nadi and then follow theanswers to his mentally formed questions. The reading refers to the gocharam(transits) of the planets for the time being with
reference to the positions of  Jupiter and Saturn in respect of the radical Moon of the questioner
Sometimes thepositions of all the planets in his horoscope are also given together with other
. At times some sort of ritual and worship to deities are prescribedfor getting over the evil effects of the planetary influences. Then the aroodamrefers to another questioner whose ascendant and star are mentioned therein;then a third and so on until it closes for the day (Prasnai muttray).During the course' of the readings some interesting facts have come tolight.
was present at the aroodam reading of his friend
. After
's aroodamwas over the next reading was for the ascendant and star of 
unasked andto A's utter surprise.
however required the reading of 
to be recordedalso. It was a voluntary grace of the nadi to give
's reading which fitted inwith the present state, aspirations and expectations in his life. The onlycircumstance connecting
was their close friendship for over three anda half decades.
was present on the express request of 
to assist him in theinterpretation of his (
) readings.To gather more information about the
 Aroodam Nadi
we were present atsome more readings. Many interesting facts came to light during the course of these readings. We shall briefly state them hereunder:According to the
, the
year (1956-57) ushers in anera of spiritualism and also portends great cosmic changes. The readings onthe New Year's Day show that they will bring wealth, fruition of all desiresremoving all defects in life. There will be signs for the advent of a worldteacher. The world teachers left the earth to effect proper and necessarychanges in the cosmic hierarchy and thus bring about certain changes in theplanetary effects suitable to the era of Everlasting Life. Yoga knowledge willreach its eminence. The present Kali changes and
Suryasavarni Manu
The result will be to bring in a new change in the laws of evolution.
The day will come when the dream of the spiritualists to attain
will be realized.
Appendices I to 5).
The Kaivalyam long sought for by the spiritualists could not be attained owing toplanetary defects in the cosmos.
are due to the
 Athichara gathi 
(swift,irregular and apparent retrograde motion) of the planet Jupiter with respect tothe
time immemorial
These defects will be rectified by the addition ofother minor planets.
Bharata Khanda
will thus be made fit for the superman inthe New Kalpa.Curiously enough the
 Aroodam Nadi
refers also to the advent of a comet,during the period when Saturn is in Scorpio. This synchronizes also with thestay of Jupiter in the signs of Leo and Virgo.
Appendices 6 to 9). Saturnis in Scorpio till 7-2-1958; then it enters Sagittarius and remains there till 3-6-1958. Then it retrogrades into Scorpio on 4-6-1958 remaining there till 6-11-1958when it enters Sagittarius finally. Jupiter enters Virgo about 17-6-1957 andfinally leaves it on 25-7-1958. It is in Virgo between 19-5-1958 and 25-7-1958.(Mr. Waite's tables were adopted taking Bhujandar's precession of 23°10' forthe years). The comet will not be seen fully but its tail will appear first.Elsewhere Bhujandar also says "
Vaal neetti varugum kethu
". It appears in theNorth-East direction and when it is fully visible in
Bharata Khanda
manypeople will be blessed. Before this happens during the time when Saturn isstationary in
Scorpio the inclination of the earth's axis will change a little
. (App.10). Saturn is stationary on 24-3-1957, 11-8-1957, 5-4-1958 & 24-8-1958. Saturnenters Sagittarius on 7-2-1958, stays there till 3-6-1958 and retrogrades intoScorpio remaining there till 6-11-1958 and finally enters Sagittarius thereafter.The earth's obliquity is 23½ degrees. The longitude of the precession of the vernal equinox is 23 deg. 10 min according to Bhujandar, for the year 1956.
We wonder if it will be an opportune time for the earth to wobble upon its
The word Kaivalyam has been used to indicate moksha or oneness with the Supreme. We gotthis article cross checked on the word Kaivalyam with SA writer Yenbeeyes who notes that hedoes not find any reference to the word in the Tamil writing given in appendix.
Kindly note this point of addition of minor planets. Also one must note that the wholenadi speaks the messages similar to new age spirituality and Ascended Masters,something not found in current literature of vedic astrology and not known to vedicastrologers till date –
With due deference to what Bhujandar is supposed to have said about changes in thecelestial system, we are of the opinion, based on a careful study of the astronomicaltheories of standard Siddhantas and modern views, that no such celestial changes arelikely to take place. Neither does the Moon lose his waxing and waning nature nor doany visible astronomical changes upsetting the existing order
are going to take place.

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