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Spectrum 2012 - Decade as Dean 2012

Spectrum 2012 - Decade as Dean 2012

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Published by campbell_harmon6178
Harry Attridge takes a look back on his tenure as Dean of Yale Divinity School
Harry Attridge takes a look back on his tenure as Dean of Yale Divinity School

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Published by: campbell_harmon6178 on May 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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spectrum29 YALe DIVINItY scHOOL28
by Timothy Sommer ’13 M.Div.
ravl i faal o prjdi, bigory, and narrow-ind-
dn, and any of or popl nd i orly on h
aon,” wro mark twain a h nd of 
. Fo a nb of YDs gada, ahing h nd of 
diviniy hool an h bginning—or h oninaion—of lif
ova. Wih a Gol ag ha’ aal o jdi, bigoy,
and naow-inddn, any YDs alni a aolihing
xiing hing aond h glob.
 Ao h ond in eo a
’81 m. Div.in Ialy;
’01 m.Div. in swizland;
’60 s.t.m. and
’75 m.A.r. in Gany; and
’80 m.Div. in Blgi.
 Af odinaion a a pbyian, ndgoing a i of lo-aion on boh u.s. oa, and vnally boing an aiv
 eioalian, englih and h aily ovd o ro in Ag2009. A a a englih an ll, h i h only odaind woanglaly ahing in ro. sh will b odaind an Angliandaon on Jly 1 and bo a i a h chia ollowing.
“I pariipa in vry nial oaion and rvi ha I an,”
h aid, laing aila hai on h all, in h a of 
roan caholii, “o b win, in hi la, o h xino won in iniy.”
Hol i nially ngagd a wll, working j ovr h bor-
d in Gnva a gnal ay o h Wold sdn chiianFdaion. Obv Hol, “I a o Yal Diviniy shool ina ba I had h onviion ha I ndd o do y hologi-al oaion a an iniion wh ni wa a ioiy,”Khnbk i a ao in h aih o shaldo, abo 40
il noh of Habg. Hi hiving hh ha 25-30 iddl
hool oniand a ya, and h i idn o h loal Ai-an soiy, oing xi in h roaion.Day i a oo o han dvlon and h yhology o ligion a h univié aholiq d Lovain, Blgi, b hha a hand in a lw o oh hing a wll. H i alo a lindlinial yhologi in iva ai in Bl, a i in hchh o england, and aian halain a h po-cahddal
of th Holy triniy, Brl. And, h i o-fondr of spirialié
 Vi, h In-rligio Dialog poj a Lovain.
 Alhogh id, Gnbg onin o ahing andah a mabg univiy, wh h wa on h faly
o 1985-97. Addiionally, h l on Old tan oiand i involvd wih aih wok and adl daion. Hi labook,
 Israel in the Persian Period
(2005), wa j blihd in eng-lih. Fo 1981-85, h agh a h univiy o Gißn. Bo
ning Gan aadia, h livd in Bazil and agh a h
Lhan chh sinay in sao Loold.
’80 m. Div. vnally ond hil wih on
foo in Bazil a wll. Af laving YDs, Wakin nd ino
aih iniy in Aalia, only o hang a and boa dio o conon Innaional, an xiv ah ibad in Aalia and Bazil. Di h hang in oion,
h ya wa 2002, alni w l, h o-9/11
 wold wa onvling,
The Da Vinci Code
wold oon b
all h rag, and Harold Aridg wa nad dan of YDs.
Fo fiv ya alady, Aidg had bn on h YDs faly,
 wh h wa ly hay ahing Nw tan. B Yal
ndd a Diviniy dan, and h  of h nw nyqid h kill of a ong adiniao and a bli o-
niao. Whn Yal pidn rihad Lvin  hi igh on Aidg, h wa nowh o hid.“I didn’ xaly la a h ida,” all Aidg, who will 
down a dan in Jn af ving wo fiv-ya . “I had
bn a dan bfor (dan of h collg of Ar and Lr a Nor
Da) and ally wa aiid o ah. B h wa obviolya nd, and hy aoahd  …”
tn ya la, Aidg, h fi roan caholi o v a YDs’ dan (oh han Aidan Kavanagh’ bif in a ini
dan in 1989-90), an look bak on a ola n—inldingo o h daa o h dad—a wll a vn a look ahad
o o of h hallng awaiing YDs and h world of hologi-
al daion.
 A nw dan, Aidg wa qi awa of a ha ndd
idia anion. On wa o rar alni afr a rbln
h o ya linaing in h da o hi doa only on ya in oi. On h l id, a ya o dba
ha had  h vy f of sling Diviniy Qadangl in
 jopardy, h onnal $49 illion rnovaion of h Qad wa
now wll nd way and onding o a l olion, ali o loyal al.“th wa o aional bilding o do,” h b.
“conovy aond h novaion affd h onfidn of 
al and in o dn.”
H ogh finanial abiliy. Baly wo wk af boing
dan, Aidg go YDs o on a nw ooing wih h univiy
by aanging lf-o a fo h hool. th nw a
ha givn YDs o lxibiliy and do o da, lan andx wiho a h downown onol a long a h hoolov abl o o il.
, H
 By Ray Waddle, Editor, Reflections magazine
 edio’ No: th i no lak o wll-known Yal Diviny shool alni who hav ad hi ak ova. In onoay i, o o h o oinnna inld hologian
’72 s.t.m, ond o soh Aia’ Ini o Ji and roniliaion;
‘69 B.D.,idn o Kyngin Won’ collg in Inhon, soh Koa;
, ’85 s.t.m., rgi poo o Diviniy a cabidg univiy;
’66 B.D., ond o h Hong Kong chiian Ini and o gnal ay o h Hong Kong chiian conil;
’81 s.t.m., gnalay o h Wold Allian o rod chh (WArc); and
’60 m.Div., ond o h Aian ral Ini in Jaan. B anyoh YDs a a alo ngagd in aiv wok aboad. Following a j a w xal.
spectrum YALe DIVINItY scHOOL3031
Finanial ak onind a a h hrogho hi nr, inn-
iying in h rion. On l wa hi ladhi in h
hool’ hioi $38 illion aial aaign, whih ndd in
 Jn, and, aong oh hing, bood annal holahi ai-an o $1.6 illion o $5.4 illion annally.
 Aidg ook h danhi wih anoh anda in ind a
 wll—o boadn YDs’ global ah and lai o h hool abli ol a a voi on i o h day.
“th Diviniy shool d o hav a o bli n a afo fo good in haing a ligio
and oal,” h ay. “W wand o  wha w old do o iv and viv ha.”th wa no hoag o h bli i.
 A onio on wa h nion bwn
Ila and h W. Wa h a way o on-ib o oniliaion? YDs ad naionalhadlin in 2007 wih i onohi o h“Loving God and Nighbo togh” a-
n ha rallid chriian ignaori arond
h biblial lov oandn a a way ofind hologial agn wih mli. Aidg hld daf h an and gi lad a a fll-ag ad in
The New YorkTimes
. YDs followd  by hoing foalonvaion aong chiian and m-
li, inlding a ajo igh-day onn
in 2008 ha bogh ogh o of lading mli and
chiian o aond h glob.
“Af 9/11, laion wih Ila a iial o h fa of h
lan,” Aidg ay. “I’ o ioan o ol j o g oknow ah oh. O hinking i, l’ ind way o liv ogh
di ligio diffn—and l’ alk abo o diffn
ankly. W onod a i o vn h. B i will qiaind o ino h  o k ol involvd.”
H hw hilf ino bli dba wih go. H joindh diion abo
The Da Vinci Code
novl’ dbio bibliallai, ok o again aial nihn, and hod wo
 YDs naional anl onn on ovy. In 2004, h vivd
agazin, h YDs agazin o hologial and hi-al inqiy.
“paying anion o ha lgay of h hool—an involvnin onoay i ha onfon hh and oiy—wa
ioan,” h ay. “Alo, i wa j n.”
 Aridg’ nr ha bn frad by oi-
y’ gowing laizaion, ga l-
ali, and dlin in ainlin hhinfln. H ha oganizd vaio
aoah on h h o vangli,
orah, and hrh rnwal. YDs rpr-
naiv hav did hh in Nw Yok and lwh noabl o hi -
 in vializaion. thi ing, a ol-loqi alld “Yoh miniy Now”(onod by h cn fo Faih andcl and Bkly Diviniy shool a Yal) will fo on onvaion abo
how o nghn onggaional yohinii.
 Aidg’ own idniy a a roan
caholi ha givn hi iv on h
 Aian ligio n, ndoingoin o ni and inl-
lal inqiy.
“two dinion of caholii havonally had ,” h ay. “I’
d in adiion ha d VaianII—o val o aiaion o ligyand ybol and inanaional hology. A ond on i wha Vaian II bogh:
an opnn o nial ndavor and
an ngagn wih oh adiion.
“I’d add anohr iporan ln: h ida
ha aon and vlaion a oaibl
and nd no b iniial a w ngag aihand oial qion.”Hi aion o bing h hool’ i -ann roan caholi dan?“my i hogh wa: i’ abo i! Ha- vad had i i on a dad o wo bo.
mayb h w o aid ybowaong adiional al, b I hink hki w oon ad by h di-
ion w w aking h hool.”
Hi ahing a ha noably xodhi o vaio hioial poan aa-
di blr byond Yal—a Harvard
(wh h ivd a ph.D.) and a sohn
mhodi univiy (wh h agh fo igh ya). H wa
alo on h No Da aly o 12 ya bo oing o NwHavn.
“H, h’ a hiag of calvin and h rfod adiion.
 A Havad, h ali, a la in y diilin o Nw ta-n, w ainly Lhan and Gan rod. Blann
pridd, fiing in wll in h raionali nvironn hr. smu
 wa d in h Wlyan adiion.”
 a d
Ina in finanial aidfo $1.6 illion o $5.4
illion annally, and -
aion of 40 nw ndowd
holahi nd.
colion of Diviniytooow aial a-aign ha aid o
han $37 illion o YDs.
Nw anhi wihhologial hool in
Hong Kong and singapor,
xanding YDs’ dn
xhang oga.
rddiaion of h no- vad Qad, whih wafollowd by addiionalnovaion o h oh-
a and norha ornr. Appoinn of or han
a dozn nio hola oh gla YDs faly.
caion o h ndowdaly hai.
collaboaion wih Ini- of sad mi onh $4 illion novaionof maqand chal,inlding lanof w wih ovabl
hai and inallaion o anw Baoq ogan in hbalony.
 exanion of YDs’ o-
ga in ligion and ol-
ogy, highlighd by h
nghning o join ini-iaiv wih h shool o 
Forry and environn-
al sdi.
rvival of 
Foraion of h Yal cn-
 o Faih and cl.
si of onfn ona ang of oial i,h a h nvionn,iigaion, iiznhi,ovy, won a YDs,and chiian/mli
Inad aonoy fo YDs wihin h boad
univiy hogh dig-
naion a a “lf-o”hool onibl fo i
own bdg. eablihn o h ed-
aional Ladhi andminiy oga, in
anhi wih Bkly
Diviniy shool, o prpar
dn of all dnoina-
ion o vi in hooland ollg.

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