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New in the Apple iBookstores

New in the Apple iBookstores

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Published by Beau to Beau Books
The latest in the iBookstores from Beau to Beau Books. Website - http://www.beautobeau.com.
The latest in the iBookstores from Beau to Beau Books. Website - http://www.beautobeau.com.

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Published by: Beau to Beau Books on May 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The latest in the Apple iBookstores from Beau to Beau Books and Romancing Erotica Books:
Life in a small town with a solo medical practice is Kevin’s dream come true. When he begins working later and later during the week and making house calls on the weekend, his wife thinks he is having an affair. When a second doctor  joins him, the late nights continue and the man’s personality begins to change. The doctor’s wife begins to spy on him inhis after work activities, but what she discovers is much worse than an affair. The young doctor may be in for the fight of his life.After living the high life with a rich and successful husband, Casi discovers evidence of possible indiscretions. Not yetwilling to give up her comfortable lifestyle, she visits the family farm for awhile to think things through. She promisesthat her visit will be short lived, but when she meets the sexy cowboy her family has hired, desires which had been hiddendeep inside of her begin to surface. The free spirited cowboy cannot offer the young woman wealth and security, but whathe can offer will be very difficult to give up when and if she returns to her husband.
When Randa takes a job at the estate of a notorious millionaire, it sounds too good to be true. He informs her that he will be working in his laboratory in the lower level that was once a dungeon, and he makes it clear that he is not to bedisturbed. Randa begins her day by arranging the eccentric man’s disarrayed books and makes a disturbing discovery.Does she dare break the man’s commandment and disturb him, the man referred to by many as a mad scientist?Cruising the airport in clever disguises, the prince is on the hunt for a mate for his son. The devious man waits patientlyfor an unsuspecting tourist or businessman to wander away from the flock. Prepared to use any means necessary,including kidnapping, to give his son what he craves, the prince is determined to present his prized son with thecommodity bought and sold for centuries as “white gold.”
After having been raised in the wild, Ryol returns to civilization to seek the one thing he needs to live amonghumans, but is quickly shunned and considered a wild beast. There is only one family who can help him. Dan andVirginia Wolf offer Ryol a home and the intuitive couple know what the grown man needs.Tricked into returning to the Wolf home to be mated with the youngest son, Maddy struggles to make sense of her captivity. Although she is not bound by chains on her feet or locks on her doors, she is not foolish enough to think thatshe can ever leave.
Cursing the day she entered her father’s Ivy League alma mater four years ago, Marci must now make a decision abouther future. If she hopes to land a good job after graduation she must find some way to cure her shyness. The morning of her metamorphosis she dresses in a tight skirt, peek-a-boo blouse, and stumbles and trips her way across campus in highheels. The young men look up when she passes them by but it is a young professor who catches Marci’s eye. The manwith dimples and more sex appeal than any man should have takes his place behind the podium and glances her wayoften. The young professor has known many girls like Marci – naïve, virgins, and blind to his ways, which is exactly theway he likes his women.

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