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World Peace Booklet

World Peace Booklet

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Published by beckyhall
guide to achieving world peace
guide to achieving world peace

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Published by: beckyhall on May 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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World Peace Is Possible!
What Causes War?
Dictators not only cause wars due to personal grudges or greed, they also often kill their own people,cause poverty in their own countries and even fund terrorism. Everyone has the right to choose howthey are governed and to live with the basic necessities
dictatorships deny people these basicrights.
World Hunger and Poverty
Many civil wars are caused by hunger and lack of resources. As global warming becomes moreapparent, fighting over resources is set to get worse. By getting rid of dictatorships, ensuring wealthis more equally dispersed and acting to prevent global warming, we can prevent anymore wars due topoverty and hunger.
Religious/ Racial Hatred
Fortunately, the amount of people with religious or racial hatred are now in the minority butunfortunately, many of them also have a lot of power and intend to spread their hatred. With amixture of terrorist groups and dictators, there have been many lives lost due to religious or racialhatred. However, this can be controlled or even eradicated by getting rid of dictatorships, teachingpeople to understand and accept all cultures and religions and implementing national laws to preventthe preaching of hatred or people being made to suffer due to their religious beliefs or race.
Most wars are caused by personal grudges or the fascist views of dictators. Citizens don’t want war –
 dictators do. Of the 353 wars between 1816 and 1991, Professor Rudy J. Rummel found that 100%
of the ‘international wars’ involved undemocratic countries. Democratic countries rarely go to war with
one another.Not only are dictators responsible for a lot of wars, they are also responsible for a huge amount of corruption, murder, genocide, poverty and repression. Two of the most fundamental principles of theUN Declaration of Human Rights, are the right to choose how we are governed and the right tochoose our religion. These two basic human rights are denied to many people living under adictatorship.Many dictators have managed to reign power and oppression over the citizens of their country for decades using a mixture of fear, rigged elections and by manipulating the press.
How To Topple Dictators
Fortunately, at the end of the day, a dictator is a person and what appears to be virtual indestructibilityis a farce. In fact, they are probably more paranoid and fearful than most because an awful lot of people stand to benefit from them losing power. Non-violent resistance from the citizens in ademocracy has worked in many countries and if managed strategically, will often work. However, thesupport from democratic countries with non-violent resistance is the strongest and almost definite wayto topple a dictator. Many democratic cou
ntries struggle with this notion as they don’t want to be seen
as interfering or have vested interests. However, if the people of a country ask for the help from ademocracy, then it is owed to them as the people of a country matter more than the leader of acountry. Furthermore, dictators will often interfere in the affairs of other countries by waging wars andfunding terrorism. Citizens of a democracy also have far more protection than citizens of adictatorship and if you can use this protection and freedom to fight for the freedom of others, why not? Although some politicians might be concerned about loss of trade by helping to oust dictators, theywould also be saving a lot of money in the long-run which would have otherwise been spent on warsand protection against terrorism.
What Democracies Can DoThe Community of Democracies
The Community of Democracies is an intergovernmental organisation that works to promotedemocracy in countries that have recently come out of a dictatorship or are trying to come out of adictatorship. In order for a government to become a member of this organisation, you need to adhere
to the democratic standards set out at the community’s summits
Warsaw in 2000 and in Seoul in2002. The Community of Democracies aims to promote democracy and strengthen it wherenecessary. A paper suggesting ways in which the Community of Democracies can further worktowards international democracy is available on the Achieve World Peace website.
Democratic Embassies and Diplomats
The most successful democracies have been created using the help of Ambassadors fromdemocracies. Ambassadors and Diplomats are perfectly placed to offer the most support to citizenswho no longer want to live in a dictatorship. One of the first and most important steps in ousting a
dictatorship, is to revive peoples’ spirit and motivation. When people have been under a dictatorshipfor so long, it’s easy to lose hope, particularly when a regime is so oppressive, you could possibly lose
your life for speaking out. An Ambassador from a democratic country can befriend, support andrevive hope in local people by educating them about the benefits of democracy, marching with themand giving motivational speeches. Many embassy officials currently worry about being seen as
interfering in a country if they get involved in it’s political affairs. However, dictators often interferewith other countries by invading them and funding terrorism etc. It’s also important that embassy
officials focus on the best interests of the citizens rather than the government in charge. The peopleof a country deserve far more respect than the dictators who use fear to control them. Many peopleliving in a dictatorship show a huge desire for democracy. On April 5
2005, the United Nationssponsored the Arab Human Development Report which was written by 39 Arab scholars and
intellectuals, it stated that ‘there is a near complete consensus that there is a serious failing in the
 Arab world and that this is located in the political
sphere…There is rational and understandable thirstamong Arabs to be rid of despots and t enjoy democratic governance.’
  Ambassadors are also in a good position to meet and speak with the dictators to promote theeconomic and social advantages of democracy, let them know how much of the country wantsdemocracy and help to ensure dictators have a safe haven to retire to should they be asked to stepdown as the result of a fair election. Embassies themselves can become safe havens for democratsliving in a dictatorship, where they can access resources, information, training and unregulatedinternet access. They can provide a non-state controlled printing press to enable local democrats topublicise their movement without restrictions.While local democrats can be removed or even killed, diplomats are hard for dictators to remove
thedecision of whether or not an Ambassador stays in a country, is made by the government of thatembassy. The Community of Democracies have produced a handbook explaining how a diplomatcan use his/ her position to support citizens in a dictatorship, who want to live in a democracy.
Non-Governmental Pro-Democracy Groups
These organisations offer support, training, resources and protection to democrats in dictatorships.They also publicise atrocities caused by dictators which would otherwise be kept under wraps and willoften pressure governments into not supporting or placing targeted sanctions against dictators whohave committed human rights abuses.Freedom HouseOpen Society InstituteInternational Foundation for Election SystemsNational Endowment for DemocracyNational Democratic InstituteDemocracy International
Further ways groups can help
Pro-democracy groups do so much to support those fighting for democracy in their country but theycan help even more with the following actions;
Providing non-violent weapons to local democrats for protection

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