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Letters from Osama bin Laden 8

Letters from Osama bin Laden 8

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English translation of letters released to the U.S. Army's Combating Terrorism Center. You can download the original Arabic files as provided by the center at http://bit.ly/K4k5gC.
English translation of letters released to the U.S. Army's Combating Terrorism Center. You can download the original Arabic files as provided by the center at http://bit.ly/K4k5gC.

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Categories:Types, Letters
Published by: The Florida Times-Union on May 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(TN: this document is dated 26 April 2011)
Page 1
In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful.Praise Allah and pray on his prophet,To the esteemed brother, Sheikh Mahmud, Allah protect himIslamic greetings,I hope this message will reach you, the family, the offspring,and all the brothers in good condition.I received your first and then your second messages, Allahreward you for the totality of what it contained. To start, Iwant to talk about the most important point in our modernhistory, the point of launching
the nation‟s revolution against
the tyrants, and for which I ask Allah to make a start forreviving the dignity of the religion and its glory.What we are witnessing these days of consecutive revolutions isa great and glorious event, and it is most probable, accordingto reality and history, that it will encompass the majority ofthe Islamic world with the will of Allah, and thanks to Allahthings are strongly heading towards the exit of Muslims frombeing under the control of America, and the Americans worryabout that, which is great; the Secretary of State indicated inher visit to Yemen
that, “W
e worry that the region will fall
into the hands of the armed Islamists” and that warning was
d to „Ali „Abdullah Salih
and the remainder of the rulersduring the revolution in Tunisia, before the revolution in Egyptthat toppled Mubarak erupted. The fall of the remaining tyrantsin the region became a must with the will of Allah, and it wasthe beginning of a new era for the whole nation.These events are the most important events that the nation haswitnessed for centuries, as since the nation has entered itscurrent stage it has not witnessed any movements to save it thatare as large as the all-encompassing movements that werelaunched with the grace of Allah these days, and it is knownthat comprehensive popular movements inevitably change theconditions, so if we double the efforts to direct and educate
the Muslim peoples and warn them from the half solutions, whiletaking care in providing good advice to them, the oncoming stagewill be for Islam, Allah willing.
Page 2
Knowing that the movements calling for half solutions like theBrotherhood have witnessed a spread of the proper ideology amongtheir membership in recent years, especially in the growinggenerations, and one of the Brotherhood members discussed thatphenomenon in a lengthy question among the questions addressedto Sheikh Abu Muhammad; also it was mentioned in many of themedia vehicles that there is a sizable direction within theBrotherhood that holds the Salafi doctrine, so the return of theBrotherhood and those like them to the true Islam is a matter oftime, with the will of Allah. The more attention paid toexplaining Islamic understanding, the sooner their return is, sopreserving the Muslim movements today and adjusting theirdirection requires effort and attention, keeping in mind thenecessity of being kindly to the sons of the nation who fellunder misguidance for long decades.That great duty, which is the duty of guidance and advice, whichis connected to the fate of the nation, does not find he whofulfils it aware of the guidance that is disciplined withjurisprudence. I have asked in the past that the faithful in thenation select from among themselves a number of scholars andwise men, who then form a Shura council that follows up on theissues of the nation and provides guidance, opinion, and advice;but after they delayed in conducting that duty, and the nationentered that pivotal stage, it became incumbent upon us, themujahidin, to fulfill that duty and to plug that gap as much aswe can, which became one of the utmost duties after faith, sothat the nation is liberated with the will of Allah and thereligion regains its glory.There is no doubt that the duties on the mujahidin are numerous,except that this great duty should take the main share of ourefforts so that we do not shortchange it and expose the nationshake-up today, to what the revolutions against the Westernoccupation got exposed to in the past.
And we have to remember another important issue, which is thatJihad in Afghanistan is a duty to establish the rule of Allah
(Shari‟a) in it, and it is the path to
ward conducting the largerduty, which is liberating the one-and-half billion-person nationand regain its holies. So while we are conducting jihad inAfghanistan and bleeding down the head of the internationalapostasy, until it reaches such weakness that the Muslim peoplehave regained some self confidence and daring, and removed someof the oppressive pressure that was exhausting and failinganyone who thought of crossing Americas agents, the pressure ofthe supreme power that threatened to keep whom it desires andremove whom it desires, and with the gradual deterioration ofthat pressure, the comprehensive revolutions launched at thehands of the people whose extreme majority are Islam loving.
Page 3
So we have to get into expanding the programmed and directedmedia, and our efforts in directing the nation
research anddeciding on a specific plan that we all discuss, as the oncomingstage is important and very dangerous and does not tolerate theapparent differences in our directives. Initially I would seethat one of the most important steps of the oncoming stage isinciting the people who have not revolted yet, and encouragingthem to get against the rulers and the methods, indicating thatit is a religious duty and a logical necessity, so the arrowsare concentrated on toppling the rulers without discussing thedifferences on issues, while paying maximum attention tospreading awareness and correcting the understanding, and wesend to the brothers in all the regions to pay attention tospreading the book (understandings that must be corrected) bySheikh Muhammad Qutb).And due to our efforts in plugging that gap and preparing a planto guide the nation, we must mobilize all the resources thathave expressive abilities in speech, poetry, visual, or audioand devote them completely toward directing and guiding the
youth; and we leave running the work in Afghanistan andWaziristan to the resources that have field and administrativeabilities, and do not have expressive abilities.Please inform Sheikh Yahiya and the other brothers who haveexpressive abilities on the previous parts of the message, and

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