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Sea Breeze Beach Neighborhood Marge's FB Comments

Sea Breeze Beach Neighborhood Marge's FB Comments

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Published by xjax

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Published by: xjax on May 03, 2012
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Sea Breeze beach neighborhood ~ helping with anexplanation and open to helpful solutions.
by Marge's Lakeside Inn on Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 3:20pm · Most of us, residents of the Sea Breeze beach area, have been here most of our lives. We haveseen and adapted to many changes in our area over the years. It's always been and hopefully willcontinue to be a wonderful place to live. However, it's extremely upseting to see where we are inthis day and age.As co-owner of Marge's Lakeside Inn, I'd like to try to explain where we're coming from with allof the rules and situations of present day. We have been in business since 1960. Before that, thebar was there under a different name and prior to that it was a "speak easy" during prohibition.Alot of history, quite a bit of work and accomplishment to still be thriving after 50 years.First, to be clear, Marge (my Grandmother) started Marge's Lakeside Inn (Oct. 1, 1960). MyFather, Ron worked for her and then took ownership in 1975. He passed away in 1986 and myMother (Fran) and I (Francine) have been running it ever since. My Grandmother, Marge passedaway in 1995.We are very lucky and have worked very hard at maintaining this establishment in thisneighborhood of very close quarters. We have great customers as well as great neighbors.As you may have noticed, there have been a substantial amount of boats anchoring behind thisprivate beach. (Yes, it is Private Property) What you may not fully understand is that Marge'sLakeside Inn's customers are primarily from the roadside. If I had to guess, I'd say less than 10%are from the water. Out of that 10%, I'd estimate that most of them know the proper etiquette andare respectful of it ALL being Private Property, which is a wonderful thing. However, the lastcouple years have become increasingly challenging for everyone.I'd like for you to visualize yourself living on that stretch of beatiful beach and every niceweekend (in addition to a few nice weekdays) you run into the following scenerios.* Several people cutting through (trespassing) your property to go meet friends on boats.(If people feel they must do this, they can cut through at the public area of the beach, locatedclosest to the pier and walk in the water to the boat)* Finally having some awesome Rochester weather, putting out your floats (if you can even finda place to put them behind your property) only to have to ask people to remove themselves fromthem, as they are yours and you LIVE HERE. Then, on top of that...being verbally abused aboutwhy they should move off your property.* Owners bringing dogs (leashed or unleashed) on shore to relieve themselves and don't pick upafter them.* People coming on shore to socialize, letting kids play, drink, eat, sit on your furniture, set up anice little beach area (IN YOUR BACKYARD) and it's always an added bonus when they leavetheir garbage.* Not being able to let your kids out swimming, or yourself for that matter, as they might bet hitby an unlawful jet skier or boater. Furthermore, would you want your kids subjected to the"Spring Break" atmosphere that's demonstrated almost every weekend?
 That's just a few of the items off the top of my head, which reminds me.......Last weekend, a neighbor gently told a family that they were on Private Property and after beingverbally abused, got a luckily empty cup thrown at her. Awesome display of greatparenting.....trespass, swear and throw things in front of your two small children.As a tavern owner, there's even more to it. We have to abide by NYS and ABC Liquor authoritylaws/rules. We also go above and beyond to give our customers the knowledge of what thoserules are.Simply, no trespassing, nothing brought IN or anything (alcohol) taken Off property to name afew. We are working with law enforcement and local government to help this area take care of this special waterfront neighborhood.Everyone likes to enjoy the water, it's a great area, we all get that. However, there has to be abetter way. I thought we could start with "getting the word out", so it's not just "assumed" thatthe neighbors and owners of Marge's are just "mean".For the most part, people "get it" and are pretty cool. However, those few can ruin alot foreveryone.Thanks for taking the time to read this and any positive suggestions you might have arewelcome.Like · · Share 
Kim Bressler-Haley Well said Francine! :)July 8, 2010 at 3:24pm · Like
Kelly Darcangelo Great job! Anything we can do to help, let us know!July 8, 2010 at 3:41pm · Like
Dave Brindley I lived on the lake for 15 years and can relate oh so much. I canremember asking a grandpa and grandson if they thought it was ok to sit on mypicnic table on my patio and eat ice cream...they acted like nothing was wrong!!July 8, 2010 at 3:51pm · Like
Elaine Doriguzzi Unfortunately it is the mindset of people today. I manage anapartment complex and deal with people every day who feel the rules only applyto OTHER people not them! It's sad to see respect and concern for what's "right"loose so much ground. Thankfully it is usually just a few people but those fewpeople ruin things for the rest of us.July 8, 2010 at 4:04pm · Like
Paul E. Sanderson What a shame it is that you would even have to explain this topeople. Why can't people all be civil and courteous enough to realize it isn't fair tothink the world revolves around them. Sorry you have to deal with those "analcavities" Francine.July 8, 2010 at 4:06pm · Like
Leigh Goebel The only problem is that the people who need to read this won't. Allyou can do is try, and try you do. If it helps with one person, it's a start. Welldone.July 8, 2010 at 4:23pm · Like

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