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201 ABE Essay Meg Roe--Final Draft

201 ABE Essay Meg Roe--Final Draft

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Published by Meg Roe

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Published by: Meg Roe on May 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Running Head: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY AE 1Autobiographical EssayMeg RoeDr. EgbertEducation 201 Foundations of EducationSummer Online
AE 2Autobiographical EssayMy background and participation in life has uniquely prepared me for being an educator.In this essay, I am going to talk about my education, work history, service and extracurricular activities, the reason I chose education, and my career goals.
 Educational Background
I was homeschooled for most of my elementary education, with the exception of 3
and 4
grades, where I attended a private school. For middle school and high school I attended twodifferent cooperative schools. I attended classes every other day, doing work at home the alternatedays. One of the cooperative schools was associated with a classical education academy andthrough them I took Roman history, Greek mythology, Shakespearean literature, and medievalliterature as well as Latin and logic. The other cooperative school I attended offered math, science,foreign language, and writing classes; all of which I attended. For my post-secondary schools Ihave attended Boise State University, College of Western Idaho, and College of Southern Idaho,and am currently pursuing my elementary education associates degree. I plan on graduating in thespring of 2012.I believe my varied education has given me a love of learning and the ability to teachmyself. My philosophy of education has been greatly influenced because of my ability tounderstand history and culture. As a professional, I will bring my educational background into my professional life by thinking outside of the box, and doing things differently than the “normal”teacher would. Education should be enjoyable; learning and being able to apply it to life. I will bethe kind of teacher who can take a subject and make it come alive for my students. When studentssee a purpose to learning and can make the education personal, education comes alive.
AE 3
Work History
I have had many different jobs, all of which I chose because I thought it would beinteresting or fun. I worked in a bookstore stocking book shelves. As a hot air balloon chaser where I aided in put up and tear down of the hot air balloon as well as following in the chase car. Iwas a valet where I drove other’s cars, parking and retrieving them without any problems. Iworked as a runner in a law firm where I did many clerical jobs and served people legal paperwork. My favorite job and the one which caused me to go back to school was a nanny position where I worked with a little girl. I worked with her for 3 years, until she went intoMontessori school. I loved being a part of her world, teaching her personal responsibility, love o books, experimenting in the kitchen, shopping, and crafts. While working with her, I realizedteaching can come in many different forms, and is important for all ages and stages of life. Shewas a little bit older than a baby when I started and it was intriguing to see her grasp andunderstand the world around her. I spoke to her as if she understood everything I said, and becauseof this, she rose to the occasion. We were able to communicate at a much higher rate than isexpected of young children.I believe each of my jobs have helped prepare me for a future in education. They showedme that I love expanding myself. I am not satisfied with positions that do not affect and influence people’s lives. The nanny job helped me realize that people are the most important. Teachingmarries my love of children, education, and valuing people’s lives. To be a good teacher, I need toalways keep these values in site.
Service and Extracurricular Activities
I have been involved in many service areas. One major accomplishment was achieving theBronze Congressional Metal Award, one of only two Congressional Awards, the other being the

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