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Quantum Theory Urbn

Quantum Theory Urbn

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Published by URBNAnthony.com

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Published by: URBNAnthony.com on May 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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urbnanthony.com urbnanthony.com urbnanthony.com
The URBN Formula and Quantum Reality: Is JusticeSustainable As One of the Laws of the Universe?
Certainly. So, as we state in the formula we can deduce the reasoningand rationale behind the formula. Mankind has forgotten the one phrase thatexplains it all. “on earth, as it is in heaven.” {
not the reverse
} Heaven being that all outside of or surrounding our state of being as provided for asstated in the formula. The occurrences from the Roswell incident up andincluding the present disclosures are all related and intertwined including, but not limited to the removal of government figures and alike.Just as humans as in the sphere of the scientific community of doctors insuch attempt to solve the problems of diseases and life that affect us.Humanity as part of a larger community is being intruded upon as we areadversely affecting the harmony of the community and life that exists side by side which is interdependent upon each other. Yes, although not a part of the same reality, we are apart of the same existence.For example, humans have learned to actually explore the human bodyand detect those unwanted bacteria or cells that adversely affect our qualityof life. Similarly, we exist in a universe in which we must stay in harmonywith or rhythm with interdependent parts. This is the limit of the free will of humans, remember this and nothing else Which in turns means that there isa timing or controlling mechanism of operations, or a source by which theinterconnected being exists. In this we sometimes hear it referenced as a“oneness” the interconnecting of all life and its interdependent nature uponeach other. The oneness is in fact energy and who controls it. The thrust being the control of energy outside of the source.So, as we investigate our ills that occur physically, so did the same thing began to happen upon the earth with the exploding of nuclear weapons andtheir experimentation in the thirties and forties. Those explosions had andhave an affect upon life that exists parallel to our own. Life that we areconnected to and obligated to regardless of our ability to comprehend or sense as a physical presence. And just as we would send in a probe into our own bodies at an attempt to extract or detect what is causing the disruptionswithin us. So to, are probes being sent into our reality to gather informationand to determine exactly whom and what is causing the disturbance withinthis creation that we are undoubtedly apart of. Mankind has lost the sense of observation within self.These nuclear fusions are occurring in a manner that is outside of theconsistency of the universe, and are altering the balances within parallelexistences of species that we are not cognizant of because of the limitationsof our senses. Thus, if we are the ones being probed, then it can be
urbnanthony.com urbnanthony.com urbnanthony.com

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