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Straighten Scanned Skewed Photos in Photoshop

Straighten Scanned Skewed Photos in Photoshop

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Published by Sunilkumar Dubey
Straighten skewed photos in phoshop.
Straighten skewed photos in phoshop.

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Published by: Sunilkumar Dubey on May 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tutorial By: Sunilkumar DubeyLocation: India (Mumbai)Contact: +91-8007846661Email:sunilkumardubey@hotmail.com 
- 1 -
This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to make correction in bent (Skewed) photos /Documents scanned with scanner.Some time when you scan more pages or photos due to tiredness, a few of them getscanned at wrong angle i.e. bent or skewed. Such a photo or document could be corrected inPhotoshop later on.You might as well do it all in one step with the crop tool.
 Open the digital photo you wish to resize.Sample document is shown below. This document is quite skewed / bent.The sides of the image will have to be cropped to make up for the slanting of thephoto from rotation. Since you always have to crop a photo / document when yourotate, it makes sense to rotate and crop in one step with the crop tool.
 Select Prospective Crop Tool from the tool box.
 - 2 -
 Start by selecting the crop tool, and make sure there are no numbers entered intoany of the fields of the options bar. If there are, press the clear button to remove anycrop tool settings.
 Now click in the document window and drag out a crop rectangle that is muchsmaller than the overall size of your image, but don't commit the crop yet.
 Click inside the crop rectangle, and drag it so that either the top or bottom middlecontrol handle is right on top of the horizon line. In this image, we are using the truehorizon line, but in some photos you might not have a true horizon line. In thosecases, you can use any line that should be horizontal-- it may be a roofline,sidewalk, fence, or something else.
 - 3 -
 Move your cursor to just outside of a corner handle on the crop marquee – it willchange to a curved, double pointed arrow, indicating that you can rotate the cropmarquee.
 When you get the rotate cursor, click and drag the marquee to rotate it until the edgeof your crop marquee is aligned precisely with the horizon line.

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