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Article 10 Public comment Letters From Cape Vincent

Article 10 Public comment Letters From Cape Vincent

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Published by pandorasboxofrocks
Article 10 Public comment Letters From Cape Vincent
Article 10 Public comment Letters From Cape Vincent

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Categories:Types, Letters
Published by: pandorasboxofrocks on May 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Beverly GrantAs a 63 year resident of Cape Vincent, my comments are toexpress my concerns for the people of Cape Vincent ¿ the yearround residents/landowners and the economy of our small town.Cape Vincent has several seasonal residents who are here for ashort time each year during the warmer season. During thewinter months you find it hard to find a business open in CapeVincent to serve the year round residents. If there is abusiness open, it is only open a few days per week, most likelyover the weekend.Cape Vincent is located on Lake Ontario and the St. LawrenceRiver. The community has long been promoted as a tourist areabut in recent years we have seen declines in tourism because ofthe sluggish economy and most recently high gasoline prices.All of the residents of Cape Vincent deserve to be able to havea comfortable life style and be able to support their familiesand meet their financial obligations.The economy of Cape Vincent needs this wind turbine project toprovide employment and establish new businesses and maintain thebusinesses that we do have on a year round basis. We neednew families to move to Cape Vincent that have children thatwill maintain and support our school district.The year round residents and landowners deserve to have athriving community ¿ to bring in new businesses, support ourchurches, schools, library and fire department. We need newfamilies to move to this area to support those establishmentsand volunteer in our fire department and ambulance squad. Thosetwo entities demand year round involvement and require severalhours/days of training and dedication to the people of CapeVincent.Cape Vincent needs this wind turbine project to provide fundingto the landowners/contract holders and they in turn will spendthat money in the community of Cape Vincent to pay theirproperty taxes, school taxes, their utility, fuel, veterinaryand other miscellaneous bills and support businesses, the firedepartment, school, churches, public library, etc. Money fromthe wind company will also be provided to support these groupsand other community projects and property taxes for alltaxpayers will decrease.The wind turbine project would utilize a free natural resourceof this area and it is clean energy. I believe we should usethis resource for the benefit of all in the community.Thank you for this opportunity to comment.Beverly Grant
 Harvey WhiteIn the matter of the rules & regulations of the board onelectric generation siting and the environment, contained in16NYCRR, chapter X certification of major electric facilities: Ithink it is about time for the state to take over the siting ofwind projects in the present and near future because it hasbecome such a controversial issue. Especially in the town ofCape Vincent and most of the North Country. People are not usingcommon sense anymore. They feel"It's okay if you have windpoweror atomic energy as long as it's not in my backyard." That isthe NIMBY's battle cry. They are absolutely rude and obnoxiousabout it. They don't care what they say or do, as long as theyget their way. They site unproven facts and any kind of dribblethey can find on the internet to make windpower look bad. Butanybody with any common sense knows we have to do something anddo it now, not 10 years from now.Thank you, Harvey White
Dawn MunkIn the Matter of the Rules and Regulations of the Board onElectric Generation Siting and the Environment, contained in 16NYCRR,Chapter X, Certification of Major Electric GeneratingFacilities.My husband and I are lifelong residents of the Town ofLyme, NY. We support wind energy as a clean, renewable resource.As members of Voters for Wind we have visited several operatingwind farms in New York state and on Wolfe Island and havecontacted many town officials in those areas to receive accurateinformation about all aspects of living in a community withturbines. Our findings have shown that:-The construction of wind facilities provides hundreds ofconstruction jobs and hundreds of thousand of dollars in relatedmaterials and services throughout the entire area. Duringconstruction phase, local restaurants, hotels, motels, gasstations, grocery stores, etc... see a large increase inbusiness. This is a very big deal.- Post construction, most communities see 10-20 permanent, goodpaying jobs. In a small town like ours, 10 -20 permanent jobs isa very big deal.-Wind facilities have a significant positive economic impact ontown budgets, in some cases eliminating town taxes. This is avery big deal.-Local schools see a significant positive economic and socialimpact. Schools can maintain and even increase classes, andmaintain and even increase teaching staff and related services.In a time when most schools are laying off teachers and cuttingclasses and services to the bone, this is a very big deal.-School taxes are decreased. In an area where many residentsstruggle to pay their taxes, this is a very big deal.A 2010 survey of Jefferson County residents by theJefferson Community College Center for Community Studies showedthat 83.6% of respondents support wind development in thecounty. We urge the Siting and Regulating Board to cut throughthe emotion surrounding wind development and use good scienceand facts to determine appropriate and reasonable rules andregulations. Your efforts can make a huge impact on solving notonly the energy crisis, but also unemployment, taxes, education,business, and health and the environment! That is a VERY BIGDEAL! Dawn munk

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