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2. Ask Modulation

2. Ask Modulation

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Published by Shathis Kumar

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Published by: Shathis Kumar on May 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To construct the amplitude shift keying modulation & demodulation circuit and toobtain its waveform.
1.OPAMP-IC 7412.FET-BFW103.Diode-OA794.Resistors-10k, 47k, 1k, 11k 5.Capacitors 0.F6.Signal generator (0-2) MHz.7.CRO-(0-20) MHz.8.RPS-(0-15) V9.Bread board10.Connecting wires.
 The simplest method of modulating a carrier with a data stream is to change theamplitude of the carrier wave every time the data changes. This modulation technique isknown amplitude shift keying. The simplest way of achieving amplitude shift keying is byswitching ‘On’ the carrier whenever the data bit is '1' & switching off. Whenever the data bit is '0' i.e. the transmitter outputs the carrier for a' 1 ' & totally suppresses the carrier for a'0'. This technique is known as ‘On-Off’ keying.The ASK waveform is generated by a balanced modulator circuit, also known as alinear multiplier. As the name suggests, the device multiplies the instantaneous signal at itstwo inputs. The output voltage being product of the two input voltages at any instance of time. One of the inputs is AC coupled 'carrier' wave of high frequency. Generally, thecarrier wave is a sine wave since any other waveform would increase the bandwidth,without providing any advantages. The other input which is the information signal to betransmitted, is DC coupled. It is known as modulating signal.
1.Construct the ASK modulator and demodulator circuits as per the circuitdiagram.2.A digital data input and carrier signal are given as input to the ASK modulator and observe the output on the CRO.3.The output of the ASK modulator is given as input to the ASK demodulator circuit.4.The demodulator output is observed and the graph is plotted for differentwaveforms.
The ASK modulator &demodulator circuits are constructed and its waveforms areobtained.SIGNALAMPLITUDE(v)TIME PERIOD(ms)

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