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Manifesting the Means - Law of Attraction

Manifesting the Means - Law of Attraction

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Published by KeyaraMalika
Deliberate Creation practice
Deliberate Creation practice

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Published by: KeyaraMalika on May 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When attempting to manifest your desires, it’s easy to get mixed up between what
you really want and the means for obtaining what you really want. After all,
that’swhy so many of us focus on money, isn’t it?
You don’t care about green paper!
Youwant financial freedom, the ability to travel, and freedom from financial struggles.
important to focus on our desires and not the means, for the means themselves aremore difficult to attract
. When focusing on attracting our desires, the means willnaturally occur to allow us to reach our goals.
Let’s look at why.
 We think, generally, in a very logical fashion.
We’re not used to jumping from A to
We’re a
ccustomed to moving through B. The problem is that when C is wherewe want to be, but we focus on attracting point B, we are not generating all of theemotional excitement and energy we could be using to attract our desire. Becauseof this, we have far more difficulty attaining our goal, and the process can be longand frustrating.Have you really tried visualizing loads of money?
Doesn’t that get boring fast?
difficult to do!
That’s because the act of holding money isn’t that interesting.
 However, sailing on our yacht while sipping martinis is a far more exciting visual, is itnot? If you paint yourself laid back on the yacht, you naturally imply freedom fromstruggle. By focusing on your end result, and attempting to manifest it, you willnaturally attract all of the money you need to do so! This could be a very swiftprocess indeed.
However, this isn’t what most of us do.
We fall into the typical oldtrap. We try to manifest the money.The interesting thing about the Universe through Law of Attraction is that it can bringyou anything you want. Regardless of how difficult it may seem, how impossible orhow unlikely, you can have what you want! Since our minds are used to takinglogical points, we are used to working our way from where we are to where we wantto go.
Listen up, because here’s the magic.
Focus only on where you want to be inthe end. Focus all of your attention, emotion, and visualizations on your end result.Sit and determine what it is that you truly want first, so that you know that you are ontrack.
Don’t try to manifest the money –
manifest the mansion! Since the naturalprogression of our physical world demands that you buy a mansion with loads ofmoney, guess what the Law of Attraction will bring to you? A truck-load of moneyetc, of course. The money, or the means in any case, is not important. The meanswill be there. You need to worry only about the ends.
Let the universe and the Law worry about the how’s.
You worry about the what’sand why’s.
By releasing the medium ground and allowing the Law to operate of itsown accord, you free yourself of having to go slowly and painfully from point A topoint B, then again from B to C.
If you visualize C, B will happen naturally
. Goodluck and happy manifesting!
Do you want to learn more about using the Law of Attraction to magnetize yourdesires? There is nothing more rewarding than watching your desires begin to
manifest around you in your daily life. Beginning a daily magnetizing routine willassist you in bringing your desires into being more consistently.First, get a sheet of paper and divide it into four quadrants.
Label the top left “Big –
Urgent”, the top right “Big –
Soon”, the bottom left “Small –
Urgent” and the bottomright “Small –
Now you want to begin making a list of all of your mostpressing desires, putting them in the right box.
“Big” and “Small” refer to the difficulty
of the manifestation according to your expectations. So you would probably think of
manifesting a new car or a new house as a “Big” item, and manifesting an iPod or atelevision as a “Small” item.
The “Urgent” column is for things that cause you worry.
If you desperately need
$500 in three days to pay your electric bill, that would be a “Small” and “Urgent”
matter. If you want to manifest a million dollars for a luxurious lifestyle, that would be
a “Big”, “Soon” matter.
Don’t put anything in “Urgent” that isn’t truly ur 
When you finish, you will likely find that you have a small number of items in the “Big –
Urgent” column and a slightly bigger list in the “Small –
Urgent” column.
The othertwo columns probably have quite a number of items listed.What you need to do is begin working on the urgent items first, and then pick one ortwo of the non-urgent items to work on as well. There will always be somethingurgent, but you still need to put in a little effort on the others so that you can bringthem into being. When you do your visualization work, put as much energy andemotion into the urgent items as possible, starting with the largest and working downto the smallest. Use the energy left over from those to put into your non-urgentitems. That way you get to use some of the raw emotion from your urgent needs tochannel into your less urgent (and therefore more difficult to charge with energy)desires.Keep that list and work on it a little every day. When something is manifested, crossit off of your list. Revise your list about once every month, or even once every twoweeks once you become good at attracting your desires. Good luck, and happymanifesting!
Impatience can be your worst enemy when utilizing the Law of Attraction forprosperity.Many who are waiting for the universe to manifest their requests start to doubt it andthen muck up the whole system.Instead, create the reality that your request to the universe is trying to manifest.Instead of saying, "I am awaiting an increase of prosperity in my life," say "I amenjoying the prosperity that is already coming into my life."
Changing just a few words has changed the entire meaning, feeling and impact ofthat statement from one of a person who is hopeful that they deserve a gift to onewho knows they deserve a gift, knows it is coming and is just awaiting the arrival.Making the manifestation of a desire become part of your life truth will speed up andsolidify what you have asked the universe for. It will also change how you respondto the world, and lead to a smoother delivery of your prosperity request.If you are acting as if prosperity and success have already come to you, that mindpower is already changing your psyche from that of a person seeking prosperity toone who has it.When you encounter others, they will see you differently. Instead of seeing a personwho is waiting for a change in their life and is just trudging along, they will see aperson who is brighter, happier who seems to already have success and prosperityand is doing well.They will treat you as more prosperous, and that in return will make you act moreprosperous and successful, and the circle will continue until the created prosperityand the real prosperity delivery from the universe coincide.There will be no transition time to deal with this new success, as you have alreadybeen living as if this is part of your life, so it will feel natural.By believing in your prosperity before it comes, you will let the universe know you areready for it. By living in prosperity before it comes, you will be prepared to enjoy itwhen it arrives.
The subconscious mind is a powerful thing.
It stores everything we’ve ever 
experienced, filters what we now experience based upon our beliefs/thoughts, and ina lot of ways works to censor our reality. In some ways this is good. We do notneed to be aware of every little thing that comes into our field of view, or every littleconversation going on in the background. However, it is all collected by oursubconscious. Our subconscious can determine how successful we are with theLaw of Attraction.
Let’s take a look at how that works and how we can make it work
in our favor.
If our subconscious wasn’t doing what it was doing, we could be prone to a lot of 
difficulty in keeping a steady, stable grip on reality. Every little bit of information thatcomes our way could begin influencing how we see the world, and in a lot of casesthat could be terrifying. So our subconscious only accepts as a fact of reality thosethings which it is bombarded with over a period of time. Many neuroscientistsbelieve that this period of time can be averaged, and have chosen 21 days as themost common period of time needed to affect a permanent change in thesubconscious. In some cases it may be more, and in some it may be less, but 21days is a good average.

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