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Published by jeetugeobhu

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Published by: jeetugeobhu on May 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The G-20 recently announced that economic policies of theworld’s seven largest economies will be reviewed periodicallywith the objective of rectifying flaws before they imperil globalgrowth. which of the following statements is/are correct?I.
India is among the Asian economies chosenII.
The review will be conducted by World BankIII.
Canada is among the seven economies chosenA. I only B. I and II only C. II only D. III andII only2.
ONGC Videsh Ltd (OVL) signed an agreement to acquire 25%stake in the Satpayev oil block in Central Asia recently. Whichof the following statements is/are correct?I.
Satpayev is TurkmenistanII.
Satpayev is in Black SeaIII.
Satpayev is believed to hold 1.75 billion barrels of oilreservesA. I only B. I and II only C. II only D. III only
Which of the following is the new income tax return form forsalaried employees introduced by the Finance Ministryrecently?A. Suvidha B. Sugam C. Sahaj D. Saral4.
Shiv Shankar Prasad chowrasia is India’s No. I ranked player inwhich sport?A. Table tennis B. Golf C. Badminton D. Billiards5.
Who is the chairperson of the Telecom Regulatory Authority ofIndia (TRAI)?A. N. Parameswaran B. J.S. SarmaC. H.S. Jamadagni D. Sudhir Gupta
Sanjeev Rajput won the only gold medal for India in the Worldcup in which sport organised in changwon, korea recently?A. Judo B. Cycling C. Wresting D.Shooting7.
Who among the following was not among he participants at theBRICS Summit in china recently?A. Hu Jintao B. Dmitry MedvedevC. Pratibha Patil D. Dilma Rousseff8.
Colombo Process, Adu Dhabi Dialogue and Dhaka Declarationrefer to issues concerning:A. Population control B. Migrant workers
C. Health & nutrition D. Cultural exchanges9.
Which of the following was conferred as the ‘Outstanding PSUof the Year’ award by All India Management Association(AIMA) recently?A. BHEL B. ONGC C. SAIL D. GAIL10.
Which of the following is not among the companies whoseexecutives have been charge – sheeted in 2G scam?A. Swan Telecom B. Unitech WirelessC. Aircel D. Reliance Telecom11.
Which of the following is the tourist circuit launched tocommemorate the 150
birth anniversary of RabindranathTagore recently?A. Robi Smruti B. Robi TirthaC. Rabindra Tirtha D. Robi Yatra12.
Which South American country expelled the US ambassadorfollowing Wiki Leaks revelations recently?A. Venezuela B. Bolivia C. Cuba D. Ecuador
Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using thecode given below:List I(Recent book on Environment)A. Environmental Encounters in South AsiaB. Climate Wars – The Fight for survival as the WorldOverheatsC. The Indian Ocean Tsunami – The Global Response to aNatural DisasterList II(Author)1.
Gwynne Dyer2.
Pradyumna P. Karan and Shanmugam P. Subbiah3.
Deepak Kumar & Vinita DamodaranCode:A B Ca. 1 2 3b. 2 1 3c. 3 1 2d. 1 3 214.
Where was the fourth South Asian Conference on Sanitation(SACOSAN-IV) organised?A. Dhaka B. New Delhi C. Kathmandu D.Colombo15.
Which is the only UN-affiliated international agencyheadquartered in a developing country?A.
Food and Agriculture OrganizationB.
International Civil Aviation OrganizationC.
United Nations Environment ProgrammeD.
International Maritime Organization16.
Which agency affiliated to the UN gives an annual prizenamed after Guillermo cano Isaza (1925 – 1986)?A. WHO B. UNESCO C. UNICEF D. ILO

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