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Fleet Action Available 4.13.09

Fleet Action Available 4.13.09

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Published by Mark Kitching

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Published by: Mark Kitching on May 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Code #Name / DescriptionMSRP
73-101Earth Omega Destroyer (2):$9.9573-102Earth Warlock Advanced Destroyer (1): $9.9573-103Earth Nova Dreadnought (2):$9.9573-104Earth Avenger Carrier (2)$9.9573-105Earth Hyperion Heavy Cruiser (3):$9.9573-106Earth Olympus Corvette (3):$9.9573-107Earth Orestes Monitor (3):$9.9573-108Earth Poseidon Supercarrier (1): $11.9573-109Earth Sagittarius Missile Cruiser (2):$9.9573-110Earth Artemis Heavy Frigate (4): $9.9573-111Earth Oracle Scout (2): $9.9573-112Earth Apollo Bombardment Cruiser(2): $9.9573-113Earth Tethys Police Cutter (6): $9.9573-114Earth Cronos Attack Frigate(4):$9.9573-115Earth Delphi Advanced Scout (2):$9.9573-117Earth Starfury Heavy Fighter (18):$9.9573-119Earth Thunderbolt Assault Fighter (18):$9.9573-120Earth Explorer (1) $19.9573-121Earth Shadow Omega (2):$11.9573-201 Minbari Troligan Armored Cruiser (Old Style)(2):$9.9573-201 Minbari Morshin Carrier (2):$9.9573-203 Minbari Leshath Heavy Scout (2):$9.9573-204Minbari Tigara Attack Cruiser (2):$9.9573-205 Minbari Torotha Assault Frigate (4):$9.9573-207Minbari Neshatan Gunship (2):$9.9573-208 Minbari Tinashi War Frigate (3):$9.9573-209 Minbari Sharlin War Cruiser (1):$9.9573-210 Minbari White Star (4): $9.9573-211 Minbari Nial Heavy Fighter (18):$9.9573-212Minbari Flyers (18):$9.9573-213Minbari Tishat Medium Fighter (18)$9.9573-301Narn Sho'Kos Police Cutter (6):$9.9573-302Narn Ka'Toc Battle Destroyer (3): $9.9573-303Narn Dag'Kar Missile Cruiser (4): $9.9573-304Narn T'Loth Assault Cruiser (2):$9.9573-305Narn Thentus Frigate (6):$9.9573-306Narn G'Karith Cruiser (3):$9.9573-307Narn Var'Nic Destroyer (4):$9.9573-308Narn T'Rakk Frigate (3):$9.9573-309Narn Bin'Tak Dreadnought (1): $9.9573-310Narn G'Quan Heavy Cruiser (2):$9.9573-311Narn Sho'Kar Scout (2):$9.9573-312Narn Frazi Heavy Fighter (18):$9.9573-313Narn Gorith Medium Fighter (18):$9.9573-315Narn Rongoth Destroyer (4):$9.9573-401Centauri Darkner Fast Attack Frigate (3): $9.9573-402Centauri Covran Scout (2): $9.9573-403Centauri Octurion Battleship (1):$9.9573-404Centauri Balvarin Carrier (2): $9.9573-405Centauri Primus Battlecrusier (2): $9.9573-406Centauri Dargan Strike Cruiser (2):$9.9573-407Centauri Centurion Cruiser (2): $9.9573-408Centauri Haven Patrol Boat (6):$9.9573-409Centauri Maximus Defense Frigate (6):$9.9573-410Centauri Vorchan Warship (4): $9.95

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