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Human Extinction

Human Extinction

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Published by Dean Olivas

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Published by: Dean Olivas on May 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Human ExtinctionByDean H. Olivas Jr
EXT.CITY.DAYADAM, average size man in a black tank top, black pants,combat boots, and a white bandana, and is running down thethe coast of a river in a industrial city.ADAM (V.O.)It’s been five years now since thenuclear attack from the Russians.Adam looks back.ADAM (V.O.)I relive that moment every day inmy head.Horde of zombies is chasing him.ADAM (V.O.)Because the mistakes those idiotsmade has caused everyone’s life tobe a living hell.Adam continues to run.Adam stops.ADAM (V.O.)Everyone except for me.Adam turns around slowly.Adam takes a deep breath.Adam raises his right arm, he creates an energy wave fromhis right hand.Adam closes his eyes and fires the blast at the horde ofzombies.Adam collects his thoughts, stares at the explosion, andwalks away.INT.HOUSE KITCHEN.NIGHTAdam is sitting at the table talking to LAUREN, regularsized woman in a black top, short brown shorts, knee braces,combat boots and goggles on her head and a kendo stick onher back, who is preparing dinner.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.LAURENYou did what you had to do...ADAMMaybe...LAURENLook, there’s nothing you could do.It’s not your fault. You didn’t askfor this.ADAMI just wish there’s something elseI could have done, I’m not a killerLauren.LAURENI know...ADAMWhy do I get these powers, whileeveryone else has become a mindlesszombie.Lauren walks over to Adam.LAURENI know you’re struggling with this,but there’s a reason. We may notknow it now, but there’s a reason.There’s a reason for everything.ADAMI just hope we find out soon.Before more people get hurt.LAURENThey’re not even people anymoreAdam. The human population isextinct. It died five years agowhen the missile missed us andlanded in the ocean.Adam stands up, and begins walking to another room. He stopsin the hallway.ADAMJust because the chemicals changedthem from the outside, it doesn’tmean that there isn’t a human onthe inside.Adam walk out of the room.

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