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Ex-President Paul Wins 2021 Tour de France

Ex-President Paul Wins 2021 Tour de France

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Published by roythom
Sometimes looking at future news can give you an unexpected insight. Could Dr Ron Paul actually complete 2 presidential terms and go on to win the 2021 Tour de France at 86? And deliver his 5000th baby on the finish line?
Sometimes looking at future news can give you an unexpected insight. Could Dr Ron Paul actually complete 2 presidential terms and go on to win the 2021 Tour de France at 86? And deliver his 5000th baby on the finish line?

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Published by: roythom on May 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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25 July 2021 - ParisFrom Roy Thomsitt
Former US PresidentSteals the Show inParis - and Delivers5000th Baby on theFinish Line
Former American President Dr RonPaul yesterday won an historic andunforgettable Tour de France. Never  before has such drama unfolded onthe Champs-Élysées in front of somany Parisian eyes.There had been much speculation asearly as 2019 as to what PresidentPaul would do once his second termcame to an end in January 2021. Fewwould have guessed that he would be preparing to enter the 2021 Tour deFrance, the world's greatest cyclerace.Few people around the world wouldargue with the opinion that PresidentPaul was the greatest president theAmerican republic, indeed the world,has ever seen. He transformed analmost bankrupt, crime ridden,corrupt and decaying country intothe most prosperous and crime freezone in the world. He ended wars,removed all traces of debt, andcreated a proud again nation that therest of the world was only too happyto follow.Worldwide unity became a giventhat nobody wanted to part from.Life under the Golden Rule becamea reality. Peace reigned. But howwould the 86 year old doctor andcyclist fare in the gruelling Tour deFrance?
The Tour de FranceTakes an UnexpectedTurn
The 2021 Tour de France will beremembered for much more than acycle race. That started to becomeevident in Stage 1, when an anxiousgendarme stepped from roadsideduties to flag down the leading pack of cyclists.That leading pack included Dr RonPaul. The reason the gendarme hadflagged them down? A young femalespectator, in deep labor, was close togiving birth. Could the good doctor  provide assistance s'il vous plait?Without a thought of his race position, the former president pulledhis bike to the side of the road andlet his professional integrity andexpertise take over.Dr Paul need not have worried abouthis position in the race. Word spreadquickly that he was delivering a baby at the side of the road, and his"competitors" were as excited as thespectators close by.Fifteen minutes later a delightful baby girl was born, and handed to anadoring and grateful young mother.Dr Paul was allowed into a nearbyhouse to clean up, and ten minuteslater the race resumed. What thedoctor did not see was the rest of theleading pack clamoring to have their  pictures taken with the newborn andher mother.
The Tour de FranceBaby Boom
Would the roadside baby delivery bea one-off event? On the contrary,that was just the beginning. In Stage2 Dr Paul had to stop no less than 3times to successfully deliver babies.Before Stage 3 had started, a retiredauditor from the now defunctFederal Reserve came up with astatistic that was to transform therest of the race. He announced thatDr Paul had, to date, delivered 4935 babies including those from Stages 1and 2. Just 65 to go to reach 5000.The story gripped the nation andwithin days, the world was hookedtoo. Could the former presidentdeliver his 5000th baby during theTour de France with 18 stages to go?
The Race Was On
The Tour de France is always bignews during the French summer. Now a new dimension was grippingthe nation. The press were goingwild. The world watched withincreasing intrigue. As the race progressed, journalists from aroundthe world, specializing in sports, politics, aging, pediatrics, obstetrics,gynecology and other popular topics,started to arrive in great numbersfrom every continent.
Parisian Future News
English Language Edition
Ex-President Paul Wins 2021 Tour de France
A Phenomenon Is Born
It was not just babies being bornwith the help of Dr Paul. A phenomenon had been born. By the3rd stage, and more especially thethe 4th and 5th stages, the sight of  bulging female bellies seemed to become more and more common atthe roadside along the Tour deFrance route.The births that sometimes followedunder the supervision of the, by then,yellow jerseyed Dr Paul, woulddominate the news more than thecyclists. Not that the other cyclistsseemed to mind. They were as muchcaught up in the excitement asanyone else, and seemed to take it inturns having baby boys named after them.While not every stage of the race produced a new Dr Paul delivery, theevidence was becoming increasinglyclear that near term pregnant womenwere making a special trip to be onthe route of the Tour de France. Insome cases busloads of pregnantyoung women arrived from other  parts of the country just for theoccasion.By the end of the penultimate stageof the race, Dr Paul had, amidst acrescendo of worldwide excitement,reached his 4997th delivery.
The Final Stage With 3Babies To Go
.....And so yesterday it came to thefinal stage of the 2021 Tour deFrance. The cycling had long since been forgotten. The former American president was already thecertain winner, but what reallymattered was whether he coulddeliver 3 roadside babies in the finalstage.The usual scene descended over theChamps-Élysées yesterday for therace finish. However, there were afew things that were rather differentfrom normal in the final stretch tothe winning line.Aware of the worldwide interest and potential health risks, raceorganizers had arranged for a fleet of ambulances to stand nearby. Eachambulance was equipped with allthat might be needed in anemergency, and included a midwifeand nurse. Also nearby was aceremonial canon, brought in to befired if a woman near the finish linelooked as if the birth of her baby wasimminent.A special enclosure had been set upfor near term pregnant women, andmore than 100 young women hadtaken position before the cyclistswere anywhere near the Champs-Élysées. Sadly for one 90 year old, afirm foam pillow stuffed up her  blouse failed to convince stewards toallow her into the enclosure.The crowds in Paris were buildingquickly even as the 20th and finalstage started 120km away. Could Dr Paul deliver 1 baby every 40 km?Almost everyone in the Champs-Élysées crowd was watching livecoverage of race progress, and as50km passed without a babydelivered, some spectators werestarting to wonder whether the finalstage would disappoint.A flurry of excitement around theChamps-Élysées came at the 59 kmmark, when the now routinegendarme stepped onto the road witharm raised to stop the leading pack.The cyclists screeched to a halt,leaving Dr Paul to detour to the sideof the road.The doctor's 4998th delivery did notgo as smoothly as most, and ananxious crowd looked on silently for 35 minutes before the wail of anewborn pierced the silence. Allalong the route, there was uproar.Only 2 more to go to reach 5000.There was a very long wait until baby number 4999 arrived, whichwas a baby girl at about the 100kmmark. Dr Paul quickly delivered her in a Tour de France record time of 5minutes 23 seconds.Everything was set for the grandfinale. 20 km to go and one babyneeded. Surely fate would notdisappoint the worldwide audienceof almost 2 billion people.The spectators in the Champs-Élysées were torn between wantingthe 5000th baby to be born near thefinish line and just wanting it to bedelivered by Dr Paul anywhere alongthe remaining 20 km route.As the leading pack of cyclists cameinto view of the finish line, that5000th baby had still not beendelivered. Ahead of the cyclists, theex-president's wife Carol had beengiven special permission to ride in acar. For much of the route she could be seen scribbling away, doubtlessmaking notes for her 15th cookery book "French Cuisine for Americans."Once approaching the Champs-Élysées, however, the former firstlady intently watched the road ahead.Even with her full attention, she wastaken aback somewhat by the soundof the canon being fired. The leadingcars all sped ahead and, with theexception of Carol Paul's car, went beyond the finish line. Her car pulled

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