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Slivka Mailer 2010-2011

Slivka Mailer 2010-2011

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Published by slivkait

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Published by: slivkait on May 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Slivka Residential College
2010 - 2011
 A Letter from Our President and MasterFreshman Mailer
Owen Priest, Master, and Ryan Brock, President
What’s inside
Exec Board 2Master Staff 4Members 4The Facilities 5Checklist 5Shopping 6Websites 6
Editor’s Letter
Hello! And welcome to Slivka, the Residential College of Science &Engineering. Our goals are to promote interactions between ourstudents and faculty in casual settings beyond the confines of classroomwalls; to offer our students a wide array of exciting intellectual, cultural,sporting, and social events; and to actively involve our students in afriendly, comfortable living and learning community.At Slivka, we encourage a humanistic view of science andengineering. We interpret this in many ways. Included among us arestudents pursuing majors in science and engineering as well as in thehumanities and music. This creates a group of shared yet diverseinterests, which fosters a sense of belonging in the community. Our
activities include trips to Chicago’s renowned museums, theaters, and comedy clubs.
We also have fun camping, biking, BBQing, attending professional sporting events, and dancing at our winter formal (usually held at a specialvenue in Chicago). Within Slivka's walls, we host a range of events, from social, to academic, to philanthropic, andeven technological (we are the Science and Engineering dorm, after all). We eat meals with professors in the dininghall and at quarterly Student Faculty Receptions. Additional activities during the academic year may include specialfor-credit seminars offered exclusively to students of Slivka (in the past, topics included American Sign Language,Visual Basic, and AIDS and Society). The key to all of our events is that they grow out of student interest. Engagementin our community will lead to very close ties and lasting friendships, so we strongly encourage you to not only
participate in Slivka’s ac
tivities, but also to personally get involved in organizingadditional activities of your own.Most members of our community live in Slivka Hall, a state-of-the-art facilitywith features such as high-speed Internet access, a cyber café, a music room, and aDiscovery Room stocked with scientific equipment and computers for exclusive use by Slivka's residents. The large, kitchen-equipped recreation lounge is a favoritemeeting place for students to unwind by playing billiards, ping-pong, or foosballwith professional-quality equipment or simply to have munchies while watchingtheir favorite show on the big screen TV. This room is also used to host firesides given by Northwestern professors, as well as a wide range of other special events. Slivka'sresidents are some of the best, brightest, and most talented young men and women atNorthwestern. We hope that you will forge new and enduring relationships and havethe time of your life at Slivka.While there are many different places to live on campus, at Slivka, we like tothink of ourselves as one of the most tight-knit communities. We hope that you arelooking forward to being a part of the Slivka community as much as we are lookingforward to having you join it.We cannot wait to meet you in the fall!Owen Priest Ryan BrockMaster President
Ryan Brock, President
Class of 2011, Materials Science & Engineering
Ford Culver, Vice President
Class of 2012, Biomedical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Ford is, on the surface, an always-smiling, helpful, and all-around likeable guy. But behind thefaçade lurks an evil mastermind. Under the guise of completing the BS/MS program AND becominga doctor, this ambitious gentleman comes ever closer to his true goal: world domination. Archenemy: Kushal Amin, former vice president, coerced out of office by this smooth-talking criminal.Evidence: The Culvers make up 20% of the Exec Board. They live close to campus, in case backup isneeded in their plans for domination. Also, as VP, Ford keeps track of house points. In other words,
Ford has sole control over who lives in Slivka. Ford enjoys “golf,” “tennis,” and playing “the Frenchhorn”… Sure, Ford. Whatever you say. We’re on to you.
written by Amy Blood
Jimmy Clifton,Treasurer
Class of 2013, Biology
Religious Studies
 James Clifton is a human male who is most recognizable for portraying a female chicken. Thiswould be unfortunate for most people but Jimmy seems to have taken this identity to heart. He cannow be found sitting for extended periods of time in the same spot playing Xbox. In between hishatching trial runs, Jimmy likes to attend class, play IM sports, socialize, eat, study, sleep, attendvarious NU events, make new friends, get groceries, play outside, and cause trouble. Overall, we
don’t think Jimmy is much different when he dresses up as a chicken.
written by Derek Morris
Sam Carton, Academic
Class of 2012, Computer Science
Deep in Slivka, one can find the rare Sam Carton (
Computerus Scientificus
). It is possible to observethe Sam Carton quietly hunched over a computer, writing long strings of code. When removed fromBethesda, Maryland, it can be found in a variety of locations from the study lounge to scaling small buildings. An altruistic creature, it seeks to coax persons of academia to give presentations and toorganize events that expand the minds of those around it. In isolation, this creature seeks comfort inworks of literature and poetry. One can see it partaking in a unique activity that can only bedescribe as a rudimentary version of ultimate Frisbee. This form of social dynamics seems toindicate a very friendly creature.
written by Matt Kan
 Amy Blood, Faculty
Class of 2013, Biology
A native of Collinsville, IL (it's basically St. Louis), Amy Blood is a bio major and pre-med student.As a sophomore and thus one of the younger members of the Slivka Exec Board, her academicambitions are well matched by her efforts as Faculty Chair. Her main goal for Slivka is to increasethe involvement of our fellows in order to enrich the sense of Slivka community and enhance theties between the academic and social aspects of residential college life. She's not all work and noplay; she's an active singer and actress and a big fan of movies (that don't feature chainsaw wieldingmaniacs).
written by Austin Culver
Ryan Brock, I amPresident of Slivka, yesMaterial Science.Engineer is me,I rock FIFA World CupGoallllllll!!!! Fantastico!!!!Love Slivka, intenseWant to attend all eventsHaikus are too hard.
So basically, I’m your president for the upcoming year. I’m here to help you transition to
college, getto know the dorm, and anything else you need. If you have questions/comments/stories/wittycomments/anything to say about the Cubs, Facebook friend me! If it
’s about poetry… f
riend theacademic chair.
written by Brittany Zhang
 Austin Culver, Social
Class of 2012, Biomedical Engineering
As historian, I have to interact with Austin a lot. Mostly, I bug him every Saturday night/Sunday
morning to update the Google Calendar/plan the social events for the week. Thus, I’ve gotten to
know him rather well. He probably spends too much time in the rec lounge playing COD4: ModernWarfare; sometimes I find him playing at 5am. During these hours, I ask him if he has started his
BME problem sets due in four hours. His usual response is, “I’ll do it soon.” Somehow, I doubt him.
Despite his mass procrastination, Austin is a very dependable guy
if I ever want to throw arounda Frisbee, I know who I can ask. That, however, will not stop him from using his monstrous strength
to throw people into the snow. Don’t be fooled by this; Austin is a giant tedd
y bear.
written by Jen Dotrong
Brittany Zhang, Philanthropy
Class of 2013, Biology
International Studies
Hola! I’m Brittany Zhang, but you can call me B
-Zhang! A member of the Class of 2013, I am yourenthusiastic, overly-social, and crazy philanthropy chair from Michigan. To show you just howenthusiastic I am, here are some instances last year that tell a bit about who I am. When running forphilanthropy chair, I talked to almost every person I could to see what the job was and what the jobcould potentially be. At Dance Marathon, I spent most of my time dancing with a man in a chickensuit. I was the MC for the Slivka Bachelor Auction, and during this auction, I did a dance to Lady
Gaga’s “Bad Romance” with your treasurer,
 Jimmy Clifton. Check out those Facebook pics!
Anyway, I can’t wait to meet you freshman! Get excited for the best years of your life!
written Jimmy Clifton
Derek Morris, IT
Class of 2012, Computer Science
Cognitive Science
When he came to Northwestern, Derek was covered in glossy, thick, dark brown fur, spoke noEnglish, and was an efficient and deadly predator. His floor-mates, awash with both pity for hisdegenerate state and a healthy respect for his razor-sharp incisors, taught him to speak, dresshimself, and develop websites. Derek is now a successful and happy computer science major in theengineering school with a strong interest in cognitive science and only the occasional glimpse of hisferal nature is apparent to the casual onlooker.
written b Sam Carton
Matt Kan, Facilities
Class of 2013, Civil Engineering
Matt Kan is a sophomore from Brecksville, Ohio, and is one of the few Civil Engineering majors.During his free time, Matt works at the Apple store at Norris, and is overly obsessed with anythingsilver, shiny, and has a picture of an apple on it. He even owns the award winning MacBook Wheel.Matt is also involved with club swimming and the endless hours of work demanded per day fromengineering professors. As facilities director of the building, Matt is responsible for maintaining allthe common areas of the building. As the resident janitor, Matt has every key to the building and isthe proud owner of an elevator key for Slivka. If you ever need to use the elevator in Slivka, or are just feeling lazy, text him and he will be there within 30 seconds.
written by Ford Culver
Jen Dotrong, Historian
Class of 2013, Biomedical Engineering
Religious Studies
Well, I know Jen is going to destroy me regardless of what I write, so I'll go for broke. Jen is famousfor being the angriest and shortest member of the Lollipop Guild. True story, check the credits. Shedecided the Munchkin life was not for her, and so decided to move from Ohio to study BiomedicalEngineering and Religious Studies at Northwestern. She seems harmless enough, but don't let the
“cute little happy Asian girl”
act fool you! She once beat me up and stole my backpack! Jen is alsowell known for being hit in the face in every sport ever invented (or as she calls it, she "plays IMsports"). She's Slivka's historian, which means she writes awesome weekly newsletters for us,maintains the calendars, and yells at Austin a lot.
written by Ryan Brock

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