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Published by Cameron Davis
This really how I be feeling as a MAN. I realize that I am on my own.
This really how I be feeling as a MAN. I realize that I am on my own.

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Published by: Cameron Davis on May 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Its A Wrap
By Cameron Davis
I don't give a damn no more. The difference between me last year and me this year isknowledge. I got me knowledge now. I know everything. Everything about slick people,haters, women, family, manhood. Etcetera Etcetera. Everything. I know everything.I can't do certain stuff that I used to do. All because of what I know. When I was in thegreen, life was a lot smoother. And peaceful. Now its all about making the green. Getrich young; grow old trying. Ha. Ignorance is bliss. Believe it when they tell you that.I will never understand how two people can live together. When I was young I used tothink men married women for their pure beauty. Wrong. People get married because of money. Case Closed. Point blank. The average American earns 35,000 a year. Doublethat. Now were at 70,000 dollars a year. Two heads are better than one. Money marrymoney.My favorite website is NBA.com. The NBA Playoffs is going to be something else. Hell,it already is. Me love basketball. You got the Miami Heat trying to redeem themselves;the San Antonio Spurs looking to go as far as their fundamentals will take them; theOklahoma City Thunder who are young with nothing to lose; and you have my Laker's —trying to get a one more Championship with Kobe.If you're not watching the NBA playoffs, then you're a pussy. Identical.All them other websites ain't about nothing. To me. Forget Yahoo, Google, CNN. ForgetInternet Stress. I don't even care for Facebook. At all. I don't care for the folks on their neither. Fuck Facebook and the folks on it. I didn't wanted to say, but I did it.Motherfuck it. Delete. I wish I could have invented it; I'd be rich. But I didn't. SomeKracker did. They always do. Yet, more blacks use Facebook than any other race. Asavvy black entrepreneur should make a Facebook just for Blacks. And grow wealthylike.Shout out to Mark Zuckerberg. That’s the big homie, though. Always fuck with krackersabout business. Indeed. Krackers will get your grind tight indeed.Do you spell Kracker with a C or K? I never know. My guess is a K. Like KKK. Stands
for Krackers, Krackers, Krackers. Everywhere.Kracker's kill. They are crazy compared to any other race; niggas included. See white people honestly don't give a damn about nobody. And they don't have to either.White people run the world and they know it. Its so easy for white kids that they can dothings that other races can't. Call it White Privilege. Smoke weed. Run red lights. Drivewith no license. On and on. Only fuck with krackers about money. Fuck with them wildass krackers if you want to. Its a wrap. With me.Rest in peace to my little brother Trayvon Martin. Got killed over some bullshit.Regardless of what “might have happened”, Trayvon did not have to get shot. My dadused to take me to Sanford to go fishing when I was in middle school. I never had any bad racial experiences out there. However, I could feel the tension in the air. As a black man, I think my body has adapted to sensing racism and stressful environments. I am aracism connoisseur, if you will. Survival of the fittest.What I'm about to say may sound crazy. So I'm just going to say it. Trayvon Martin'sdeath was no coincidence. In fact, it was a microcosm of life as a Black American malein Central Florida. Central Florida is one of the worst places for a Black American maleto grow up. Believe it or not. See, there are a ton other races here.You have your Haitians, Jamaicans, Africans, and Islanders. Spanish and white people. Alot of non-blacks is what I am trying to say. And they all hate Black Americans. All of them. I had to deal with the hate in high school. They want to destroy you and take awayyour confidence. You have to watch the places you go in Central Florida. Shit can getreal stressful real quick.Wearing a hoodie can help hide yourself.Most people are actually good people. Until they get around Black men. That’s whenshit gets real. Character is loss. Especially among non-black men. Hate prevails andmotherfuckers turn into monsters. I've seen it oh so many times. People cannot hide their hate for Black men. At all. When I look around, I just don't see it. I can't see how peoplecan hate on black men. I don't see anything. Nothing.Motherfuckers ain't shit.Probably why I don't fool with too many folk. The only people I be kooling it with isfamily and people I knew since I was a kid. Those are the folk who really care about me.Other than that, I don't know you and don't want to know to you. And that’s real.

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