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Launch Day

Launch Day

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Published by Ali TekBoi
Me and my brothers wait in line for over 18 hours to buy the Nintendo Wii.
Me and my brothers wait in line for over 18 hours to buy the Nintendo Wii.

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Published by: Ali TekBoi on Dec 21, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Narrative Essay - Ali Kilinc – 900235909ENG 191 – 3:30PM – 20424
Launch Day
Video games have always been a passion in my life. When a newvideo game console is announced, I can’t wait to get my hands on itand play the new games that will be released for it. When the NintendoRevolution was announced (later renamed to Nintendo Wii), I knew thatI needed to own it from day one. The day before the launch of theNintendo Wii, I decided to camp out for it.I was still at home late at night the day before the launch, veryecstatic. I called over my best friend and told him that we should campout together. When he came over, we were frantically searching forplaces online which showed confirmed numbers of Wii shipments. Wefound a Wal-Mart not too far from my work and decided to camp outthere. By 4:00AM the feeling of getting my hands on a Wii was stillsurreal. We’re at Wal-Mart by now, and it was blistering cold outside.We went inside and bought a couple of the cheapest “Made in China”gloves and hats; we also bought a few chairs and a soccer ball. Around5:00AM, and we’re still the first people in line. By “we”, I mean Omar,my brother Ahmet, by little brother Ahmet, and myself. We decided toput up all the chairs in the line, put our blankets on the chairs, andthen go wait in the car. For some reason, I told my little brotherMustafa to sit in the first chair and wait in line, “just in case”; he
 Narrative Essay - Ali Kilinc – 900235909ENG 191 – 3:30PM – 20424
agreed. A couple of hours went by really quickly and by 7:30AM, it wasalready time for me to go to work.Omar dropped me off to my soccer reffing job for my 8:00AMgame and headed back to Wal-Mart to wait in line. I worried about myplace in line, as I tried to ref my games in the merciless cold. The wetand dewy grass didn’t help either as it soaked my socks and mad itdifficult to walk. After my games, I called up Omar and he came to pickme up really quickly. Thank god I had extra socks; otherwise, I wouldhave to wait another 12 hours in line with soaking wet socks. When wearrive at Wal-Mart, I find out that the line has reached 10-20 people. The good news though, was that the people in front of the line greatlyrespected us (the 4 of us) for being the “firsts”. Omar was playingsoccer with them while I was gone, and he made friends with them. Ontop of all that, they let me back into the line at my original space!After I was in line with a bunch of Nintendo fans, everything wentsmoothly. Time flew by talking about old Nintendo games andintertwining story arches. Character discussions and game battles viaNintendo DS made you forget that it was freezing cold for a little while.By late night, around 8:00PM the line had easily reached 50 or morepeople. This Wal-Mart only had 20 confirmed units of Nintendo Wiis,and almost everyone in line knew that, yet, they still wanted to wait. At10:30PM the manager came out, and got the name of everyone waiting

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