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Road, Movie (Script)

Road, Movie (Script)

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Published by moifightclub
Script of Dev Benegal's Road, Movie. The screenplay was selected for the L’Atelier section at the Cannes Film Festival 2006.
Script of Dev Benegal's Road, Movie. The screenplay was selected for the L’Atelier section at the Cannes Film Festival 2006.

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Published by: moifightclub on May 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 raoD maUvaI 
original screenplaybyDev Benegal
dev@devbenegal.comwww.augustentertainment.comWGA# 132208Property & © Dev Benegal 2005draft dated August 15, 2008Independence Day
Official Selection
Festival de Cannes 2006
 Atelier du Cannes(Road, Movie)
(beneath the diamond sky)
WHITE Revision - 8-14-081.
1AN OPEN FIELD, PRESENT DAY -- DAWN1SILENCE. A barren field. Cracked dry earth.A cloth stretches across, forming a gigantic cinema screen-blowing in the wind. A movie image flickering on it.OPJ- 60's with thinning hair, stares at it transfixed.His eyes hollow with a sense of loss.The wind picks up- growing stronger and stronger. Thecloth billows and breaks free from it's moorings. Theimage flickers in a world between.OPJ chases the screen as it floats away across the openfield. He gives up helplessly and watches it become aspeck in the sky and turns to the green truck behind him.2EXT. ROOFTOP -- DAWN2VISHNU, in his 20's dressed sharply- straight out of amagazine looks across the blue rooftops of ALWAR. Dawn inthis small town in modern day Rajasthan, India is alwaysspectacular. But it seems to have no effect on him.He spots the green truck pull into the parking lot of thedecrepit cinema next door.He pulls himself together and trudges down to work.3INT. SMALL WORKSHOP, PRESENT DAY -- MORNING3VISHNU stares blankly at his father's open palm.ATMA- 60's has thick hair slicked back. He pours thickgreen oil on his palm. VISHNU hears the glug, glug soundof oil pouring. It overwhelms everything else as we seeVISHNU'S world come alive.ATMA sniffs the bouquet of oil like a fine wine and shovesit under VISHNU'S nose.ATMASmell this, Vishnu. Get to knowit. It's your future.VISHNU chokes.ATMA (CONT'D)Now what do we say? A full headof hair... go on...VISHNU(reluctantly)And everything else is an illusion.ATMA smiles and points to the empty cartons.(CONTINUED)
(English Language Version) 8-14-08
WHITE Revision - 8-14-082.
3CONTINUED:3VISHNU'S eyes sweep across the small workshop. Rows ofold style glass bottles marked HAIR OIL create aclaustrophobic feel.Two old elderly MEN sit on the floor and grind suspiciouslooking flowers, leaves and herbs. Oil of different kindsis being prepared.VISHNU picks up up a bottle with his finger tips. Makingminimum contact, BUT the oil flows onto his hands. He wipes his hands with a cloth. It's greasy. More oil onhis hands. He curses under his breath.He takes a fresh cloth, holds each bottle carefully,avoiding all contact and fills the cartons.4EXT. STREETS OF ALWAR -- MORNING4VISHNU drives their old Vespa. ATMA rides pillion.VISHNU looks quite the dude; Ray Ban's, Red tab Levi's,Nike T-Shirt. He's got the labels right.But the bike is out of control.ATMA holds on for dear life. Trying to save his own lifeand the cartons of hair oil nestled between them.5INT. CONVENTION HALL IN A 2-STAR HOTEL -- CONTINUOUS5VISHNU'S eyes take in middle aged men in all sizes andshapes, talking passionately about grooming products-shampoo, conditioners, gels, sprays, mousse, herbs...It's a convention of hair oil salesmen.VISHNU hears the sloshing sound of hair oil. It overwhelmshim. He inches towards the exit, attempting to slip away.ATMA yanks him back. He stares at his tousled hair indisgust.ATMAOil your hair. Be a man. Lookat me.VISHNU'S eyes focus instead on the TV set in the corner.He tunes in to the news flash.NEWSREADER ON TVDrought conditions in Alwarcontinue. Law enforcement agenciesare cracking down on the watermafia who have blocked supply toour city and raised the price of water. Later we'll be tellingyou what you can do to save water...(CONTINUED)
(English Language Version) 8-14-08

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