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Electronic Resource File

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Published by Loren Meghan
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Published by: Loren Meghan on May 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Look for one energizer and Post it here! =] Please make sure that we do not overlapand please be careful about erasing other peoples work! =] The only part that iscooperative is the energizer part, the rest is individual.
1. Kelsey K
--The wind blows--The class forms a circle (easiest if done with chairs).One student (or the teacher) stands in the middle and says “The wind blows to anyonewho...” and then anyone who has that same quality stands up and trades places with allof the students that have this same quality. The last student who does not have a placeto sit in the circle then stands in the middle and says, “the wind blows to anyone who...”.Let me know if this doesn’t make sense and if I should elaborate.
2. Heather B
--http ://www .eatsmartmovemorenc .com /Energizers /Middle .html this is a whole webiste that is organized in to pdf’s by subject for energizers in middle school.One of my favorites:
Don’t Break Newton’s Laws
Grade Level: 7th ScienceFormation: Standing at desksEquipment: Paper ballRules/Directions:1. Students make a paper ball and perform the following activities for oneminute each. They will record the number of successful catches for each activity.a. Toss and catch (to self).b. Toss and catch (to self) while hopping on left foot.c. Toss and catch (to self) while walking in place.d. Toss and catch (to self) while hopping on right foot.e. Toss and catch (to self) while jumping in place.f. Toss and catch (to self) while jogging in place.g. Compare recordings and discuss Newton’s laws.the force and friction retards motion
for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
the greater the force, the greater the change in motion
the object’s motion is the result of the combined effects of all the force
 acting on the objecta moving object that is not subjected to a force will continue to move at
 a constant speed in a straight linean object at rest will remain at rest
Variations:1. Perform each activity with a partner.2. Adapt this activity for the solar system to introduce weight on other plants.3. Students can create movements.
3. Lindsay-
One, Two
Energizer that utilizes rhythm, timing and memory. Have students sit in a circle.
 Assign everyone a number: Start with yourself as number one, and have students gonearound the circle counting up.Start the rhythm:1. slap both hands on your legs2. clap your hands3. snap your right hand4. snap your left hand 5. repeatOnce students have the rhythm, add the numbers: When you snap your right hand yousay your number. When you snap you left hand you say someone elses number in the
 circle. The student with that number does the same thing: they say their number whenthey snap their right hand, and another students number when they snap their left
 hand.The important thing is to stay keep the rhythm consistent and keep the game going.Kelly:
4.Sports Galore
Grade Level:2-5Formation:Standing at desksEquipment:NoneRules/Directions:
1. Teacher calls out the following sports skills to mimicfor at least 10-15 seconds:Shooting a jump shotRunning through tiresBatting a baseballServing a tennis ballDownhill skiingSpiking a volleyballSwinging a golf clubThrowing a footballJuggling a soccer ballShooting an arrowShooting a hockey puckSwimming underwater Fielding a ground ball and throwing it to firstbaseDunking a basketball
1. Teacher can also integrate skills into word problemsand have students repeat the number he or she calls
out:If Juan made 5 jump shots (students act out) and2 went in the basket, how many did he miss? (3)If Briana hit 2 homeruns (students act out),how many bases would she have to touch? (8)3. Ask students for skills to mimic.Jenny:
5. Who Changed the Movement?
 An energizer where students learn to observe and communicate without words.Have students stand in a circle.Start a movement: for example: slap one leg, clap your hands, stomp one foot.Instruct students to do the same movement they see.Once all the students in the circle are doing the movement, ask for one student tochange the movement. They are not allowed to say anything, just do a differentmoment. Everyone else in the circle must observe the change in movement andperform it.Once everyone in the circle has changed to the new movement, instruct students thatanother student can change the movement as soon as they see that everyone in thecircle is performing the change together. You can assist in students catching on bysaying “I see a change,” as you perform the new movement when you see someone inthe circle has changed it.Play a few rounds, then call stop. Assessment: Ask students, “What did you have to do to play this game successfully?” Answers: use their eyes, communicate without sounds, work together.Instruct students that the best movements are those that do not turn around. Ask themwhy.Play again: Allow student to add sound to the movement.6. Lauren:Name of Activity: Pass it On—UNO styleGrade Level: 1-3Formation: Form a circle around perimeter of the roomEquipment: UNO cardsRules/Directions:

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