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And the Marksman Closes His Eyes

And the Marksman Closes His Eyes

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Published by Bogartte
A selection of Prose poems
A selection of Prose poems

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Published by: Bogartte on May 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 J. Karl Bogartte
(A selection, parts of which have been translated into Czech by Róbert Gál for Analogon 65)
t was a night of beautiful effigies 
and transferences of raven-haired landscapes begging foryour fingers, and everything around you was planting lucid dreams. The earth is humming...The capillaries of an inward planetary system are disrupting silence, changing course. All thatremains bases its pleasure on the marvelous disarray of last minute decisions...There is breeding in the immediate landscape, rich and elaborate notations that can only be deciphered by hand, by touch, or by mouth, pressed against the lips. A landscape fordelirium. Radiant solutions for the beekeeper’s seduction.
The eggs of consciousness are spinning for heat to announce the hunger of expressions. You feed on light. Tearing flesh for breath... You are the she-enabled clavichord of feverish night-threes and evolving triangles, callous with each cognitive embrace that follows the jasmine-weaver’s revenge.
Sunlight shares the blood that grooms you with smoke, following thoughtless shapes out of enchantment. Eye-soundings in the thought-black miasma of a swirling wake, the healingplasma that spreads your body over its absence. Strangers fine-tune their seeds and placethem in small boxes made of moonlight. The marksman closes his eyes when the target stopsto taste the wind...Light engages darkness and evolves, revolving. Clothing marks its territory with iridescentashes. The apogee of a precise fall from a great height presupposes both the pain and thepleasure of a splendid disregard for acceptance. The minotaur’s gown is hanging by a thread. A phoenix-minded trauma, a cellular landscape of long-haired somatic dimensionsspinning on the periphery of a trance, piloted by the fire of an entrance that dazzles the dark 
animal of a paramount tangent. She dies beneath the cloak of a loving fountain. You searchher paws for clues, daring to leave the house only at dusk. A night of glass-shaped bird memorials, with the witch growing more lucid with each kiss,each impossible arrival, never to be seen again except in darkness, when the tempting-machine begins to whir and spark with those obscene objects of desire flooding the empty rooms like salamanders and other grand gestures, other doorways.Humor and cruelty conspire to overwhelm the hesitations of the flowering mink slowly ebbing into the curtain call of precocious masks and impossible solutions. Life has noanswers, only marvelous distractions. Radiant equations.Gold is time compressed into a diamond. Time is the process by which infinity lifts herdress just enough to unsilver the mirror that reflects your absence. Your breath is thecompleted triangle of a furious glance. Night trembles, because it knows you...The agony of passion is the cat’s-cradle of a dozen cities driven by desert winds at the speedof light, and she had left all that behind, for the harem-face and the enchantment of thespecies, the adorable poppies of language burning out her eyes... Only her perfume remains,the cold, hard diamonds of her scent. Her joy is ruthless.Celebration and seduction, a primal bottling of medusa-driven serums, where yourreflection meets your shadow in a jealous quandary, and then reverses the direction of archetypal nods and pivoting stems and ocular roots in endless courtyards, beneath opulentgowns, across many languages, like flaws in the body of the universe firing up theantechamber of primitive delights...The forest of uncertain devices comes to meet you halfway, offering caresses that destroy calendars and important dates, germinating only those poses that defy your own gravity. Youmight touch those who wander in close, in a spirit that lacerates the confusion of response,flooding empty rooms with precognition and long slender shadows bordering on irresistiblelakes filled with final decisions and radical departures... but, as prey, beautiful and unerring...having seduced the predator with fresh indications of desire.

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