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Jesus Loves Muslims

Jesus Loves Muslims



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Published by theinfidel

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Published by: theinfidel on May 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To: Muslims, in every country - in all the world, For 500 years my Christian ancestors, lived under your Turkish Islamic slavery and rule. For 500 years my forefathers were murdered, impaled, manipulated, humiliated, enslaved by your Muslim armies and Muslim religion. For 500 years my people did not know freedom, they knew only oppression, death and persecution. For 500 years my forefathers watched as their daughters were taken from them against all will and given over to your rulers to be raped. For 500 years the women of my people had to watch as their first born son was taken from them and sent to your Turkey to be converted to Islam and raised up as a Muslim soldier to later be turned against his mother and father. Yet, for 500 years my Christian forefathers, withstood your taxes, your lust, your killing, your orders, your rape, your theft, your bondage, oppression, death,
 they withstood your Islam.
My forefathers survived. And I am here now and I declare to you forgiveness. I forgive you. I forgive your religion. I forgive you for the 500 years of slavery, rape, murder and death my forefathers lived under your Islam. I write this letter to you, to let you know that I do not hate you, I do not consider you my enemy - I consider you forgiven. But how? How do I forgive you? How do I not take revenge? Revenge for all the suffering your religion and your people have brought on those before me? Why
don’t I seek blood, and to
 repay you for all that you have done to Christians for hundreds of years and for what you are doing to Christians now? Why am I different than you? Imagine the wrongs and the injustice many of your people in Islamic countries are suffering now by outside military forces, and imagine it lasting for another 500 years
How long has Europe and America been involved in the Middle East? In Iraq? Maybe 10 years? Now take that and add another 490 years, but in that 490 years add taking of your Muslim first born sons, raping of your women, murdering at free will your men, taxing you and taking riches from your people, persecution, slavery and so much more that this book can never fully express
or explain…
imagine 500 years of that…
 How much hate and anger and burning with vengeance would you feel?

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