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Obama Address Cold Open - May 6, 2012

Obama Address Cold Open - May 6, 2012

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Published by The Daily Caller
Scrapped opening Saturday Night Live skit from 5/5/2012.
Scrapped opening Saturday Night Live skit from 5/5/2012.

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Published by: The Daily Caller on May 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(DOWNEY)1OBAMA ADDRESS COLD OPEN ~ FRED/HIGGINS V.O.(OPEN ON: STILL FF: PRESIDENTIAL SEAL)HIGGINS (V.O.)(1/4”)The following is an address fromthe President of the United States.(DISS. TO: OVAL OFFICE SET.FRED AS PRESIDENT OBAMA)FREDGood evening, my fellow Americans.It was exactly one year agolast Tuesday, May 1, 2011,that US Navy Seal Team 6, actingon my orders, put an end to thecareer of Osama bin Laden. Ihope you had a safe and joyousfirst anniversary of his killing,(MORE)
OBAMA ADDRESS COLD OPEN (CONTD) 2FRED (CONTD)and that you were able to spendit with those you love. This isa special time of year, when wegather together with family andfriends, to commemorate theshooting of this terrorist, andthe gutsy decision that made itpossible. Unfortunately, I wasn’table to be at home this year, asI had to fly to Afghanistan, toremind President Karzai that,exactly one year ago, we killedOsama bin Laden, and that thedecision to do so was a gutsyone. And was mine. To Michelle,Sasha, and Malia, I’m sorry Icouldn’t be with you this time.You know there’s no place I’drather be on Killing Osamabin Laden Day than with you.(MORE)
OBAMA ADDRESS COLD OPEN (CONTD) 3FRED (CONTD)But I’ll be home for the nextKilling Osama bin Laden Day.If only, as the song goes, inmy dreams.(PAUSE)Now tonight, I want to talk toyou about the economy. Butfirst, a little more about thekilling of Osama bin Laden. Whyis it that Mitt Romney refusesto join the rest of his fellowAmericans in commemorating thefirst year anniversary? Does hethink that killing Osama binLaden wasn’t the right thing todo, or that it wasn’t "gutsy"?Why all this sympathy for aterrorist? Could it be theyshared some special bond, sinceMitt and Osama were both membersof the One Percent? He's weird.(MORE)

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