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Brennan_Standard 7 Docs

Brennan_Standard 7 Docs

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Published by Patrick Brennan

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Published by: Patrick Brennan on May 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Calendar Unit:
Unit Calendar Created by: A. Graeber 
fWeek Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Introduction into the CivilWar - Present timeline fromlibrary of congress- KLW chart- Discussion on “whatwould cause brother tofight brother”Differences betweenregions
- Economic systems of theSouth- Provide handoutdescribing the South’sposition-Have students read andthen have discussion of theeconomic system of Southand social aspects of their lives (Patriarchal,aristocratic society)
Differences betweenregions
- Economic systems of theNorth-Provide handout describingthe North’s position andchild life in Lowell cottonmills- Have students read andthen have discussion of theeconomic system of Northand social aspects of their lives. (Industry, wholefamilies worked, not justmales)
The Deepening SectionalCrisis
- Discussion of differencesbetween regions- questions of how theseplayed a part is sectionalismSlavery-
inside outside circle
- “Did the North have aform of slavery”- Was the Southernpatriarchy threatened by thewomen’s movement in theNorth
 The Deepening SectionalCrisis cont.
- Read sheet providedabout legislation/ eventsleading up to Civ war.(ms. Compromise, Comp. of 1820, gag rule, fugitiveslave, personal liberty laws,annexation of TexasOregon Mexican war,Kansas/Nebraska,)complete sheet in groups of two-Finish sheet for homework
The Deepening SectionalCrisis
-Split students into groupsof 4, then each group inhalf.- The groups will have toargue their position abouthow they (or their side) feltabout the event or legislation.
The Deepening SectionalCrisis
- Continue debates but havestudents switch sides if 1
Nargues pro S etc.
John Brown’s Holly war 
-watch video- leaving time for discussion- what were theideologies present
John Brown’s Holly war 
-watch video-leaving time for discussion- Was John Brownsuccessful?- Martyrdom
John Brown’s Holy War 
 - Begin ‘Socratic Seminar’discussion
- quick description of Republican platform-Look at primary documentsfrom States claimingreasons for secession- have class discussion- why did they secede?- was there any way their differences could have beenremedied w/o war?
Soldiers and Why TheyFought
- South-Look at primary documentsand discuss (SOAPS)- Why did they fight- What role did religionplay in their reasons?- Are there similarities of ideologies between other wars we have studied or 
Soldiers and Why TheyFought
 -North- Look at primarydocuments and discuss(SOAPS)- Why did they fight- What role did religionplay in their reasons?- Are there similarities of ideologies between other 
The Southern Home front
-Look at primary documentsfrom Southerners left tofight the battle on the homefront.- Discuss the war inpeoples back yards- The Home “Guard”- Cut off from trade andsupplies- What did patriotism
The Northern Home front
-Look at primary documentsfrom the Northern Homefront- How did the war lookdifferent in the North?- What did patriotism looklike
Calendar Unit:
Unit Calendar Created by: A. Graeber 
current events. wars we have studied or current events.look like
Compare the Home Fronts
-DBQ’s- prompt “What didpatriotism look like for theNorth and the South?”“How were Conditionsdifferent?”
The EmancipationProclamation
- Students read individually.- Get together in groups anddiscuss what they think it issaying-come back as a class anddiscuss what the documentis actually saying
African AmericansDuring the Civil War 
-Importance of A.A.’s onboth sides (the vas majorityof South labor force)-“Contrabands” and passiveresistance- discussion “ways of passive resistance”
African Americans Duringthe Civil War 
- Joining the fight- Read primarydocuments from FredrickDouglass and “TheConkling Letter”-Why did AAs want to fightso badly- What does it mean to fightWhat are they asserting- Ideals of patriarchalsystem
Ending the War 
 - Roles of African Americans- Sherman’s march- How does this leadtowards Southerndissertation?
Calendar Unit:
Unit Calendar Created by: A. Graeber 
Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Begin Unit Final
- Start finding evidence tocreate 2 short essays, onefor the North and one for theSouth, arguing each sidesposition and reasons for war.
Collaboration For FinalDebates
- divide the class in two bydrawling “sides” from a jar.- One side is arguing theNorth’s position; the other side the South’s.- Each side works together to formulate their argument
Begin Final Debates
-Final debates begin
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